Saying Farewell to Planet Linux Australia

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Saying Farewell to Planet Linux Australia

Planet Linux Australia ( was started more than 15 years ago by Michael Davies. In the time since (and particularly before the rise of social media), it has provided a valuable service by encouraging the sharing of information and opinions within our Open Source community. However, due to the many diverse communication options now available over the internet, sites such as Planet Linux Australia are no longer used as heavily as they once were. With many other channels now available, the resources required to maintain Planet Linux Australia are becoming difficult to justify. With this in mind and following the [...]

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Grants Program 2020 now open

On behalf of Linux Australia Council, I would like to announce the opening of the 2020 grants program. A total of $AUD 35,000 is available to fund open source and open hardware projects which will benefit our community. In light of the situation brought about by COVID-19, we would especially encourage applications for projects which provide technological assistance to get through this time.  For example, funding could be requested to improve documentation or the user experience of open source video conferencing software, making it more accessible to those who are not technically minded.  Other related activities include development of web [...]

Linux Australia Community Update & LCA2021 Information

Dear All, Wow, suffice to say this isn’t something that I thought I would need to send. But then again, is anything we are currently doing “Business As Usual”? This is about the time that we start our full planning mode for, assemble our Session Selection Committee, announce our Grants program and our subcommittees start making their announcements. But this year is a little different. You may have already seen that the PyCon AU subcommittee has announced PyConline AU for 2020 and everything is underway to deliver this to our community. Which brings me to an update for you [...]

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2020 Linux Australia AGM Minutes

Meeting opened at 18:02 (AEST) 13th January by Sae Ra Germaine Minutes taken by Julien Goodwin 1. President’s welcome MS SAE RA GERMAINE, President 2. Approval of the minutes from the previous - Annual General Meeting 2019 MOTION by MS SAE RA GERMAINE that the minutes of the Annual General Meeting 2019 of Linux Australia be accepted as complete and accurate. The minutes are available at: Seconded by Andrew Pam, passed with 4 abstentions. 3. To receive the REPORTS of activities of the preceding year from OFFICE BEARERS MS SAE RA GERMAINE - President MR JULIEN GOODWIN - Secretary [...]

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Proposed Constitutional Change to add Statement of Objectives into Constitution

Dear LA Members, Over recent years a number of conference sponsors have indicated that it would be easier for them to support our activities if Linux Australia were a registered charity. As Linux Australia’s role has always been to educate people about open source, the day-to-day running of the organisation won’t change if Linux Australia were to become a registered charity. Furthermore, the Linux Australia Council has sought advice from our Auditor and Accountant; both advised that becoming a charity would have no material effect on how Linux Australia is run. For these reasons (and in light of the benefits), [...]

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Call for Nominations for 2020 Linux Australia Council

Dear Linux Australia Community, Pursuant to clause (15) of the Linux Australia constitution we hereby declare an election open and call for nominations to the Linux Australia Council for the term January 2020 to January 2021. All office bearer and ordinary committee member positions are open for election. Nominations will open from 00:00am (AEDT) 10 December 2019 and run until 11:59pm (AEDT) 24 December 2019 Voting will open 00:00am (AEDT) 25 December 2019 and run until 11:59pm (AEDT) 12 January 2020 Results will be announced during the AGM at 2020 (Gold Coast, QLD) on 13 January Results will be [...]

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Call for Rusty Wrench Award nominations

Hi everyone, The Rusty Wrench Award is Australia's highest honour for community contributions to the Open Source movement in the country. It was eponymously named after luminary Rusty Russell, one of Australia's most prominent contributors and community members, founder of (as CALU, in 1999), and the inaugural recipient of the award. The Rusty Wrench Award is an award inaugurated by Jeff Waugh to recognise outstanding service to the Australian and New Zealand Free and Open Source Software community. Please send your nomination to council at with the subject line "Rusty Wrench Nomination: NAME OF NOMINEE", and include a [...]

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Grants Program 2019 now open

Linux Australia is pleased and very proud to announce the opening of the 2019 Linux Australia Grants program.  Up to $AUD 35,000 is available for distribution to open source, open data, open government, open education, open hardware and open culture projects as part of the organisation's support of free and open source systems and communities in the region.   In 2018, the Linux Australia Grants program supported Drupal, Code Club, CiviCRM and a hackathon.  Details about these grants can be found in our 2017-2018 Annual Report[1].   More information about the grants process can be found on our Grants webpage [...]

Council Meeting Tuesday 18th June 2019 – Minutes

1. Meeting overview and key information Present Joshua Hesketh, Julien Goodwin, Russell Stuart, Clinton Roy, Jonathan Woithe, Miles Goodhew   Apologies Sae Ra Germaine   Meeting opened at 1930 AEST by Josh Hesketh and quorum was achieved. Minutes taken by Julien.   2. Event Review WordCamp Brisbane/Sydney 2019 Drupal South Hobart Tech Team Joomla Day Brisbane 2019 PyconAU 2019 LCA 2020 3. Log of correspondence None 4. Items for discussion None 5. Items for noting July will have three council meetings, notably this means first meeting in August would be event review, do we keep them alternating or otherwise? 6. [...]

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Council Meeting Tuesday 4th June 2019 – Minutes

1. Meeting overview and key information Present Sae Ra Germaine, Joshua Hesketh, Julien Goodwin, Russell Stuart, Clinton Roy, Jonathan Woithe, Miles Goodhew Apologies  None Meeting opened at 1930 AEST by Sae Ra and quorum was achieved. Minutes were taken by Julien.   2. Log of correspondence Westpac forgotten interest payment. 3. Items for discussion ANU data breach. Extent of LA/LCA exposure Jonathan working on LA response In 2005 & 2013 accom was booked via conferences, names & special requests were likely all that was passed on to the colleges (may or may not have gotten to ANU itself). Unknown if anything further than that may [...]

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