Linux Australia has a few sub-committees that consist of enthusiastic individuals from the community who share a common passion.

Check out what the various committees below are up to, and even get involved if one tickles your fancy ūüôā Or start your own after reading through the¬†sub-committee policy.

If a group wants to start a subcommittee, they can write to the LA council with the proposed subcommittee name, members of the team, purpose, expected duration, any funding requirements and methods of engaging with the broader community.

The committees are expected to read and agree to the sub-committee policy.

Sub-committees are considered to be official part of the LA structure and can as such speak on behalf of LA in the context of their particular project.


Active subcommittee

A team of system administrators who manage the Linux Australia infrastructure.

Steve Walsh
Julian De Marchi
Mike Beattie

Mirror Team

Active subcommittee

To provide an Australian mirror of both local and international Free and Open Source software and related multimedia content.

Maintain the mirror server hardware and software.
Assess, respond to and action requests for specific content.
Liaise with bandwidth / colo provider.

Steven Hanley
Mirror team report

Active subcommittee

The team designated to run

  • Miles Goodhew
  • Neill Cox
  • Rob Bolin
  • Jenny Cox
  • Jessica Smith
  • David Tulloh
  • Aeriana Lee
  • Michael Diedricks
  • Wil Brown
  • Jonathan Woithe
  • Sae Ra Germaine
  • Joel Addison

Joomla Australia

Active subcommittee

  • Patrick Jackson
  • Stuart Robertson
  • Tim Plummer
  • Nathan Morrow
  • Nicky Veitch
  • Shayne Bartlett

Drupal South Steering Committee

Active subcommittee
The DrupalSouth Steering Committee is a standing sub-committee of Linux Australia, formed primarily for the purpose of selection and mentoring of local organising teams for the annual DrupalSouth conference. It supports local event teams with established processes and tools, spreading the responsibilities of organising community initiatives across a wider group of volunteers.

Linux Users Victoria (LUV)

Active subcommittee

The subcommittee to run the Linux Users of Victoria (LUV).

Russell Coker
Andrew Pam

Media and Communications Subcommittee

:Inactive subcommittee

The Subcommittee assists the Council and Linux Australia in producing and managing social media collateral, and with communications activities such as press releases and reports.
No report published.