There are several Linux User Groups – LUGs – in Australia. LUGs often have meetings, provide education and community support around Linux and sometimes arrange Linux and free and open source software events such as installfests and Software Freedom Day. If you would like to know if there is a LUG in your geographic area, please do make contact.

There is also a Wiki available for Australian LUGs (note: this is not run by Linux Australia), and all LUGs are free to use it.

Linux User Groups (LUGs) in New South Wales

Sydney Linux Users Group (SLUG)

The Sydney Linux Users Group (SLUG) is a place to learn about and discuss Linux. The meetings take place in real venues as well as in virtual space, via our Web pages, mailing list and IRC channel.

This LUG is affiliated with Linux Australia as a Subcommittee 

Linux Owner Group in Newcastle (LOGIN)

Based in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley, LOGIN meets monthly to discuss Linux and related topics. Your key contact is Jonathon Coombes.

This LUG is affiliated with Linux Australia as a Subcommittee 

BSD User Group of Sydney (BUGS)

BUGS is a group of users of BSD based operating systems who live in NSW, communicate via a mailing list, and meet at Sydney from time to time. Our first group meeting was on 16 May, 1999. Activities include support, advocacy, and sharing of resources and information, but a major objective is to enjoy each other’s company and have a good time without actually wasting time.

The Central Coast GNU/Linux Users Group

CCLUG offers anyone with an interest in Linux or other Free and Open Source Software the opportunity to learn, discuss and share their experiences. Anyone is welcome to join. The group meets in North Wyong.

The University of NSW Computer Science and Engineering Society (CSEsoc)

CSEsoc runs events such as installfests, codefests and general social gatherings each year for CSE students at UNSW. We provide drop-in linux tech support in our office, and run various services including an IRC server.

Hunter Valley Linux User Group (HVLUG)

The Hunter Valley Linux User Group usually meets on the first Saturday of the month at Rutherford Library, Arthur Street, Rutherford. Email us for enquiries.

Linux User Groups (LUGs) in Victoria

Linux Users of Victoria (LUV)

LUV is the original and largest Linux users group in Victoria. With a membership in excess of 1100, regular monthly meetings and several active mailing lists, LUV is an essential part of the Victorian Linux community. Email LUV.

This LUG is affiliated with Linux Australia as a Subcommittee ]

Melbourne Linux Users Group (MLUG)

MLUG is a group of Linux enthusiasts in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia who meet on the last Monday evening of the month from 6pm to 9:30pm. The meeting starts at 7pm.

MelbPC User Group Linux Unix Be OS SIG (LUBe)

This special interest group (SIG) of the MelbPC User Group is for beginners, gurus and everyone in between, Bring a machine, bring a a book, bring a disk, bring your questions or just bring yourself. We share our knowledge, help each other and explore all aspects of the Linux/Unix operating systems and the “Be” operating system. Email MelbPC User Group.

Free Software Melbourne

Free Software Melbourne focuses on the social issues around software and technology. We avoid deeply technical discussion since plenty of other groups do that. We meet monthly, have a presentation and some discussion, then some chat about current news. Some of us then continue the discussion over dinner at a nearby restaurant. Other times we hold free software games nights, host visiting international guests, or run public events like Software Freedom Day.

Linux User Groups (LUGs) in Tasmania

Tasmanian Linux Users Group (TasLUG)

TasLUG is a Linux Users Group based in Tasmania. Formed in June of 1999, we exist to support the Linux community of Tasmania, while also supporting BSD Unix, and other Free Unixes. There is currently no fee to join TasLUG. All you have to do is subscribe to one of our mailing lists, and let us know you’re alive. TasLUG holds regular monthly events in both Hobart and Launceston see for details on when and where the next event will be held. We welcome everyone to the group, Linux/BSD users, and potential users alike. Email TasLUG.

This LUG is affiliated with Linux Australia as a Subcommittee 

Linux User Groups (LUGs) in South Australia

Linux Users of South Australia (LinuxSA)

LinuxSA meets on third Tuesday of each month at Marcellina’s Pizza Bar, Hindley Street from 6PM – talks start at 7PM. Email LinuxSA.

Linux User Groups (LUGs) in Western Australia

Perth Linux Users Group (PLUG)

PLUG is Perth’s only Perth Linux Users Group.We are a not-for-profit association for anyone interested in Unix, Linux, Free Software, Open Source software & Open Technology. We have many members in Perth and all over Western Australia. Email PLUG.

Linux User Groups (LUGs) in Queensland

HUMBUG – Home Unix Machine, Brisbane User Group

HUMBUG is a Unix (for example, *BSD, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, etc.) user group that meets fortnightly at the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia. Have a look at the About page for further details. Humbug’s mailings lists are available for anyone to join. Please be careful about what you post as this is a public forum. For information about how to use the mailing lists and which ones you should join please go to the membership page.

CQLUG (Central Queensland Linux Users Group)

CQLUG is active in central Queensland around Rockhampton and Gladstone and has regular meetings and an active mailing list. Email CQLUG.

Linux User Groups (LUGs) in Australian Capital Territory

The Canberra Linux Users Group (CLUG)

CLUG meetings are aimed toward users of all abilities, and range from technical talks to things you can use every day. We try to welcome everyone and there are many experienced ‘old hands’ at CLUG that can help people having problems with Linux and open source programs in general. CLUG also runs a Programming SIG at 7PM on every second Thursday of the month. The meeting takes place at Looking Glass Solutions’ training room at 134 Bunda St, Civic. We meet beforehand at Cafe Essen from 6PM on to catch up, and after the talk we go out to dinner at a venue decided on the night.