Linux Australia Statement of Values

As an organisation, we aim to represent and assist the groups and individuals who make up the Free Software and Open Source communities in Australia. These communities are diverse in many ways, and the groups and individuals which constitute them have many different needs that should be addressed and supported to the best of our ability. In doing so, it is our goal to uphold certain values reflecting the core philosophies around open source technologies. This statement specifies those values which we aim to embody, embrace and promote as an organisation.

These values should inform the strategic direction, activities and decision making of the organisation as a whole.

Open Technology

Linux Australia was founded with a focus on the Linux operating system but quickly evolved to embrace all facets of open technology. Open technology is a term encompassing openness in source code, standards, formats, licences and APIs. Whether for software sources, documents, hardware designs, images or works of art, we value the use of open licenses to promote the creative reuse of intellectual effort.

Open source makes code available to everyone to study, modify, repurpose and redistribute. We value the innovation made possible by the sharing of openly licensed intellectual effort.


We value the creation, support and maintenance of community around open technologies. This includes private individuals, community projects, other aligned organisations and businesses engaged with open technologies. Communities can be any combination of developers, users or advocates of open technologies. We invite participation in our communities and culture, and welcome newcomers.


We value freedom in the use and development of open technologies. This includes freedom of expression within accepted community norms.

We strongly encourage the use of free software and free culture copyright licenses.

We value free access to, sharing of and repurposing of information, in particular that information held by the public sector.


We value respect for people, for community, and for society. This includes respect for the opinions, ideals and choices of others, for the communities which we create and participate in, and for society as a whole. It is vital that while we uphold our ideals, we respect the ideals of others. We obey lawful restrictions placed upon us, particularly with reference to licencing, copyright and patent law, to the best of our ability.


People of all ages, genders, nationalities, ethnicities, backgrounds, abilities and walks of life are part of the communities we serve. We respect and encourage diversity at our conferences, events, and other activities.

This statement expresses Linux Australia’s core values to guide to our organisation’s decisions, projects and campaigns. This statement is not a binding policy on our members. Binding policy documents, codes of conduct or terms and conditions for events may refer to this statement.