Linux Australia auspices a wide range of events, from large conferences to smaller hackathon and one-day workshops, including;

Previous Linux Australia events

In the past, Linux Australia has auspiced several events, some of which have grown to become independent.

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Running your event under a Linux Australia auspice

One of the main functions of Linux Australia as an organisation is to provide a legal entity through which to run events focussed on Linux, and free and open source software, hardware and communities. Linux Australia Inc. is a not-for-profit organisation, and there is an expectation that events run under its auspice provide a small profit that contribute to the running costs of Linux Australia. Our annual reports provide more information on the breakdown of running costs – such as insurance, banking and merchant costs and accounting. An event auspiced by Linux Australia is provided with access to our event insurance coverage, banking and merchant payment facilities.

If you’re interested in having Linux Australia auspice your Linux or free and open source software, hardware or community event then please do make contact.

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Linux Australia sponsoring your event

Interested in sponsoring a Linux Australia event? See our Sponsorships page.

Linux Australia may choose to provide sponsorship to events that have a close affinity with our values, mission and purpose.

Examples of events we have sponsored in the past include;

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