Council Meeting January 17, 2024 – Minutes

Council Meeting January 17, 2024 – Minutes

1. Meeting overview and key information Present Joel Addison (President) Wil Brown (Vice-President) Neill Cox (Secretary) Russell Stuart (Treasurer) Sae Ra Germaine  (Council) Jonathan Woithe (Council) Marcus Herstik (Council)   Apologies    Not Present   Meeting opened at 20:07 AEDT by Joel  and quorum was achieved. Minutes taken by Neill   2. Log of correspondence Application to form a Kiwi PyCon 2024 subcommittee RISC-V hardware for software development - grant application decision Annual Report now out on socials Linux Australia Sponsorship of NZ Python User Group Linux Australia - Subcommittee Update  (Drupal) Lodge Linux Australia Activity Statement October..December 2023 Email [...]

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Minutes of Linux Australia – Annual General Meeting 2023

Saturday 21 January 2023, 2:35pm AEDT (UTC+11) Video conference via Zoom. Attendance record is available upon request. 0. Apologies Josh Bartlett Craige McWhirter Hugh Blemmings Russell Stuart - arrived 2:50pm, just in time to give his report.   Proxies: Miles Goodhew for Hugh Blemmings   1. President’s welcome MR JOEL ADDISON, President 2. Approval of the minutes from the previous Annual General Meeting - 2022 MOTION by MR JOEL ADDISON that the minutes of the Annual General Meeting 2022 of Linux Australia be accepted as complete and accurate. The minutes are available at: Clinton Roy seconds the motion. PROVISIONAL, [...]

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