2020 Linux Australia AGM Minutes

2020 Linux Australia AGM Minutes

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Meeting opened at 18:02 (AEST) 13th January by Sae Ra Germaine

Minutes taken by Julien Goodwin

1. President’s welcome


2. Approval of the minutes from the previous – Annual General Meeting 2019

MOTION by MS SAE RA GERMAINE that the minutes of the Annual General Meeting 2019 of Linux Australia be accepted as complete and accurate.

The minutes are available at:


Seconded by Andrew Pam, passed with 4 abstentions.

3. To receive the REPORTS of activities of the preceding year from OFFICE BEARERS

  • MS SAE RA GERMAINE – President
  • MR JULIEN GOODWIN – Secretary
  • MR RUSSELL STUART – Treasurer
    Includes presentation of the Auditor’s Report


Please refer to the Annual Report


MOTION by Sae Ra Germaine that the Auditor’s Report is a true statement of financial accounts

Seconded by Hugh Blemmings, passed with 2 abstentions.


MOTION by Kathy Reid that the President’s report is correct

Seconded by Alec Clews, passed unanimously.


MOTION by Miles Goodhew that the Secretary’s report is correct

Seconded by Josh Hesketh, passed unanimously.


MOTION by Joel Addison that the Treasurer’s report is correct

Seconded by Paul Wayper, passed with 2 abstentions.


MOTION by Josh Stewart that the actions of Council during 2019 are endorsed by the membership

Seconded by Steve Ellis, passed with 7 (2019 council members) abstentions.

4. To CONSIDER items tabled in the call for agenda items

Due to delayed availability of the result, this item was held until resumption.

5. DECLARATION of Election and WELCOME of incoming Council by the Returning Officer (Jon Oxer)

Voting for the council election was available on the Linux Australia website at:


  • President – Sae Ra Germaine
  • Vice President – Jonathan Woithe
  • Secretary – Julien Goodwin
  • Treasurer – Russell Stuart
  • Ordinary Committee Member
    • Lisa Sands
    • Joel Addison
    • Benno Rice

6. NOMINATION and ELECTION of Members to Vacant Council Positions

Not Applicable.

7. To HEAR and RESPOND to questions from the floor

Motion by Hugh Blemmings to thank outgoing council members, seconded Donna Benjamin, passed by applause.

Meeting adjourned at 18:55 AEST 13th January, for resumption at 12:35 Tuesday 14th January AEST, due to delayed availability of constitutional change vote results..

Meeting resumed at 12:40 AEST 14th January.



Meeting closed by Sae Ra Germaine at 12:45 AEST 14th January.

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