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  • $AUD 35k available in 2017 Grants Program

    Linux Australia is delighted to announce the availability of $AUD 35,000
    for open source, open data, open government, open education, open
    hardware and open culture projects, as part of the organisation’s
    commitment to free and open source systems and communities in the region.

    This year, we have deliberately weighted some areas in which we strongly
    welcome grant applications.

    More information is available at:

    Please do share this with colleagues who may find it of interest, and

  • Linux Australia 2016 AGM Minutes

    Minutes of Linux Australia
    Annual General Meeting 2016

    Deakin University, Waterfront Campus, Geelong, Victoria
    Monday 1st February 2016, Room D2.193 Percy Baxter Theatre

    Minutes taken by Ms Sae Ra GERMAINE, Ms Kathy REID.
    Collated by Ms Katie McLAUGHLIN

    The meeting was opened at 1802 by Mr JOSH HESKETH

    Mr HESKETH noted that it was his last AGM as president

    MOTION by Mr HESKETH That the minutes of the 2015 AGM are accepted
    CARRIED with 1 abstention

    Officers Reports

    President’s Report (Appendix A)

  • Linux Australia makes $10k donation to Software Freedom Conservancy

    We'd like to keep you briefed on a major donation Linux Australia has
    recently made to the Software Freedom Conservancy.

    At 2016 in Geelong, Council resolved to donate to
    Conservancy to enable them to continue the excellent work they do;

    "Software Freedom Conservancy, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit
    organization incorporated in New York. Software Freedom Conservancy
    helps promote, improve, develop, and defend Free, Libre, and Open Source
    Software (FLOSS) projects. Conservancy provides a non-profit home and

  • Minutes of Council Meeting 22 November 2016

    1. Meeting overview and key information
    Hugh, Kathy, Tony, Sae Ra, Katie

    Meeting opened by Hugh @ 1933hrs and quorum was achieved

    MOTION that the previous minutes of 08 November 2016 are correct
    Moved: Hugh
    Seconded: Kathy

    Agenda summary - key items for discussion this agenda

    Discuss timeline and bid team inspections for expressions of interest received for LCA2019

    This has been moved to Feb 2017.

    2. Log of correspondence
    Motions moved on list

  • Minutes of Council Meeting 08 November 2016

    Meeting overview and key information
    Present: Cherie, Hugh, Kathy, Sae Ra, Katie,
    Apologies: Tony, Craige
    Meeting opened by 1906hrs by Hugh Blemmings and quorum was achieved
    MOTION that the previous minutes of 25 October 2016 are correct
    ACTION: Sae Ra to check the minutes and to move motion on list.

    Meeting Part 1 - Preparations for 2017
    Hugh’s Email (
    Very good feedback received.

  • Minutes of Council Meeting 25 October 2016

    1. Meeting overview and key information
    Katie, Cherie, Kathy, Hugh, Sae Ra

    Tony, Craige

    Meeting opened by 1934hrs by Hugh and quorum was achieved

    MOTION that the previous minutes of 27 September 2016 are correct

    ACTION LIST SUMMARY: Please Check and comment on Status of your Action Item. Minutes of the previous meeting in the next section.

    ABS Economic Activity Survey
    Kathy: to document this in the Operations Manual for the future
    Membership Platform
    Kathy: Kathy to ping list regarding removals.