Council Meeting Tuesday 30th July 2019 – Minutes

Council Meeting Tuesday 30th July 2019 – Minutes

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1. Meeting overview and key information


Sae Ra Germaine

Joshua Hesketh

Julien Goodwin

Clinton Roy

Jonathan Woithe

Miles Goodhew



Russell Stuart


Meeting opened at 1930 AEST by Sae Ra and quorum was achieved.

Minutes taken by Julien.

2. Log of correspondence

  • Enquiry from Internet Governance Forum, save the date for <removed>.

3. Items for discussion

  • None

5. Items for noting

  • Pycon is this weekend, Clinton is going, Sae Ra to check about organiser gifts
  • Media team sync in Canberra weekend before last.
    • Julien: Redacted minutes to end of June prepped, just need to be posted once reviewed.
    • AGM minutes aso need to be posted.
    • Miles: Bunch of website education
  • For minutes of event review, will talk to each event and ask their views, push to next meeting.
  • For AGM, will we bring up constitutional amendments again. Push to next meeting where Russell is present.
  • Time to start thinking about if people are running for another term.
  • Another F2F, potentially September. 302 next meeting where Russell is present.
    • Sae Ra to plan goals.
    • Julien to send out call for proposed dates Sept – Nov.
  • Quick discussion about LCA session selection in person.
    • Is scheduled for 31st August at Google Sydney
  • Grants program update [JW]: 
    • Opened for applications on 8 July 2019
    • No applications received as of yet
  • Reactions to responses to website enquiries [JW]

6. Other business 

  • LCA2020 update
    • ~180-190 session submissions so far, hoping for 300. Many multiple submissions, not sure how many unique speakers.
    • ~22 miniconf proposals so far
    • 3 sponsors so far, none signed.
      • Josh to get an update on state.
    • Working with venue on av & internet, aarnet for the latter.
    • PDNS still not confirmed, no venue.
    • No schwag ordered yet.
    • Josh notes that we should consider attendance risk in light of lower pycon attendance & fewer submissions. Josh to review budget.

7. In camera

  • Two items were discussed in camera

Meeting closed at 2016 AEST

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