Council Meeting Tuesday 17th February 2021 – Minutes

Council Meeting Tuesday 17th February 2021 – Minutes

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1. Meeting overview and key information


  • Sae Ra Germaine (President)
  • Joel Addison (Vice President)
  • Clinton Roy (Secretary)
  • Jonathan Woite (Council)
  • Neil Cox (Council)
  • Russell Coker (Council)


  • Russell Stuart (Treasurer)

Meeting opened at 7:30 AEDT by Sae Ra and quorum was achieved.

Minutes taken by Clinton Roy

2. Log of correspondence

  • Subject: Kill off press@ list?; Reply-To: Anthony Towns; Da usete: Mon, 8 Feb 2021 14:03:58 +1000
    • ACTION ITEM: Sae Ra and admin team to archive list
    • Clinton raises a motion to archive and retire every LA mailing list that hasn’t had any real mail for five years or more.
    • Sae Ra Seconds.
    • All yes.
  • From Christopher Neugebauer to council@ on 12 Feb 2021. Subject: Notification of plans/Request for approval of PyCon AU 2021.
    • ACTION ITEM Council needs budget to approve request, can send off list.
    • Sae Ra raises motion to make clinton the liaison to the subcommittee
    • Joel Seconds
    • Everyone agrees.
  • Australia Post PO Box renewal
    • ACTION ITEM Sae Ra to send details  of account management.
    • ACTION ITEM clinton to get agm  minutes up for  proof of change.

3. Items for discussion

  • Owen – Drupal south committee
    • Introduces the council to the attendees
    • Helps with meetups, conferences
    • Have a few new people on the committee
    • Decided not to hold an in person event.
    • Sensing a bit of fatigue for big online events, so are planning a few smaller online events
    • Looking at picking a professional event organiser for events
    • Volunteers would be doing the content heavy lifting, logistics would be handed off to the professional organiser.
    • May/August/November is the current vague target for smaller events.
    • Looking at upgrading their website.Seeking expression of interest from their community to upgrade it.
    • They have a working group looking at career paths for community members. Looking at running an intern program with companies.
    • Sae Ra mentions professional development program at her work, set aside a lunch time a week for internal training.
  • Clinton asks about money for professional organiser, in Russell’s stead. Looking at a brief for four companies to put something forward to Linux Australia .Didn’t want to burn out members of difficult tasks.
  • Sae Ra recommends the sub committee think about using the grants program for possibly funding the website project out of their budget.
  • Steven Walsh, Mike Beattie – Admin Team
    • A bit easier not having an LCA running
    • Uploaded a more permanent key for Ryan to upload videos to the mirror
    • The new mirror has finished running a fortnight memtest
    • Transferring across content will start soon.
    • Looking at building access and network access for the new mirror.
    • Looking into new ANU network security requirements.
    • Jonathan asks about website transfer, admin team halted during election,
    • ACTION ITEM: Sae Ra is going to liaise with admin team for that.
    • Auda update registration rules.
    • Basically needs to be a registered organisation.
    • ACTION ITEM for Russell: Expenditures in xero, domain name renewal, apnic ip space renewal.
    • ACTION ITEM: Russell to follow up previous double payment of domain.
    • Jonathan asks about domain
    • April seems to be the current date.

4. Items for noting

1 item in camera

5. Other business

  • Some discussion about how the grants process works.
  • Russell wants to talk official approval about online meetings. Talks about grants for video equipment for lugs. Talks about the idea of LA running video servers for meetings.
  • Sae Ra suggests there needs to be a program of talks and outcomes to request for official coverage.
  • Russell talks about humbug’s experience. Russell suggests that we use LUG members as an audience to be tapped for an audience. The drama is to find a speaker.Use thee luggcomms mailing list to organise it.
  • Russell Coker talks about network bandwidth limits and usage
  • ACge. ACTION ITEM Russell to send a proposal to the lugcomms list.
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