Council Meeting 3rd March 2021 – Minutes

Council Meeting 3rd March 2021 – Minutes

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1. Meeting overview and key information


  • Sae Ra Germaine (President)
  • Clinton Roy (Secretary)
  • Jonathan Woite (Council)
  • Neil Cox (Council)
  • Russell Coker (Council)
  • Russell Stuart (Treasurer)
  • Joel Addison (Vice President)


  • None

Meeting opened at 19:35 AEDT by Sae Ra and quorum was achieved.

Minutes taken by Clinton Roy.

2. Log of correspondence

  • From: Christopher Neugebauer,
    Subject: Notification of plans/Request for approval of PyCon AU 2021 Team

Due to a miscommunication in the council, we had not responded to the initial plan. Council responded asking for a budget, and that was promptly received and shared to council.


Discussion about AV budget. Sae Ra thinks we should go back to Chris with the budget and revisit the AV budget. Joel notes that there are less days of video required, and that probably covers the lower AV cost.

MOTION: Council to accept the proposal, on the proviso that a quote for AV is secured.

Seconded: Neill, For: All. Against: none.

Motion Passed.

ACTION ITEM: Secretary to communicate to christopher. Also request a live copy of the spreadsheet. Explain the av request a little bit, that it might be a little low.

  • From: Patrick Jackson
    Subject: Joomla Australia and Linux AustraliaPatrick had attempted to reach out via the website, but failing that eventually got through to the secretary via linked in. Patrick would like to finalise his membership and wants to look at becoming an official sub-committee to to changes. The secretary responded with a receipt notification.

ACTION ITEM: Secretary to fully respond, subcommittee v3 via github.

  • From: Steve Walsh
    Subject: APNIC Membership Renewal – Expiry NoticeSteve forwarded through the renewal notice.
    ACTION ITEM: Russell to pay the notice.
  • From Miles Goodhew
    Subject: Post-conference survey for LCA2021?Miles is interested in running a post conference survey, as this is a task for the conference organising team rather than the council, this won’t be covered here.

3. Items for discussion

4. Items for noting

  • Westpac Bank Changes.  Details are still being sorted: will happen on list.
    In order to get the Westpac accounts in order I need minutes, on letterhead, with a place for my signature, confirming the following motion has been passed:

    • MOTION moved by: Russell Stuart
    • MOTION seconded by: Sae Ra
    • MOTION Outcome:  all for, 0 against, 0 abstain.
    • MOTION: The following changes be made to the Westpac bank accounts:
      • Clinton Roy be issued a Debit Card,
      • Debit Cards other than Sae Ra’s, Russell’s, Joel’s and Jonathan’s to be cancelled.
    • Note: Contact details for the Westpac branch preparing the paperwork are:
      Tahine ,, (07)3826-1433
    • 2020 Minutes from at the bank
  • Public Liability Insurance is up for renewal
    ACTION ITEM: Clinton and Sae Ra to deal with public Liability Insurance

5. Other business

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