Council Meeting Thursday 1st February 2018 – Minutes

Council Meeting Thursday 1st February 2018 – Minutes

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Council Agenda Thursday 01 February 2018

1. Meeting overview and key information


James, Kathy, Sae Ra, Cherie, Cameron, Russell, Hugh


Meeting opened by 1930hrs by Kathy and quorum was achieved

    Agenda summary – key items for discussion this agenda

2. Log of correspondence

Motions moved on list

MOTION by SAE RA GERMAINE that Linux Australia approve up to $AUD8K expenditure to match funds raised by LCA2018 to be donated to the nominated charity.


Passed with 1 abstention

Let Joel know that we are matching the amount for the and let Council know what the amount is.

If everyone does their own thing. Council need to know the account details and we will make the payment to Code Club Australia

General correspondence

  • Beyond 2020 Alliance
    • No further movement with Beyond 2020 Alliance
  • WordCamp Sydney 2018 at UTS – Wil Brown seeking insurance certificates of currency
    • Update 4th January – Wil has last 4 years Certificates of currency (for Insurance), waiting to hear back from UTS.
    • Kathy has now requested a budget.
      • ACTION: Kathy to ping and get a renewed budget
      • ACTION: James to take on as Event Liaison for WordCamp Sydney.
  • Blue Hackers
    • Discussion around if we bring them into Linux Australia
    • Was an OSDC off
    • MOTION by Russell Linux Australia intervene on behalf of Blue Hackers to get the money out of PayPal.
      • Seconded by Kathy
      • Motion Passed unanimously
      • We should talk to Arjen about BlueHackers and what the next steps are. Do they want to be a subcommittee etc
    • Arjen has indicated so that he is ready to setup a subcommittee. ACTION: Russell to follow this up

4. Items for discussion

  • Council Face to Face #1 to be held Weekend of the 13th of April 2018
    • To be held in Melbourne.
    • ACTION: Kathy to introduce everyone to Carlee Flight Centre
    • ACTION: Sae Ra and Kathy to organise accom
  • Membership platform:  on hold
  • Rebranding:
    • Someone must authorise the payment to Toby.
    • Gradual replacement of logos. Keep a spreadsheet of all the stuffs that require changing. ACTION: Sae Ra & Cam to do this
    • ACTION: Kathy to push the private repo of brand colour palettes etc.
  • LA Grants Submissions:
    See related document (Grant information)
    See related information (Grant Applications 2017)

    • ACTION: CAMERON  to think this through on how the submission process is to take place. Eg a second mailing list for community feedback.
    • Initial announcement to come from the announce list.
  • Working with WordCamps and WordPress user groups
    • Russell has told Dee of dates and times he is available.  Waiting on Dee.
    • Ongoing
    • Onboarding communication fail – trying again tomorrow night.


  • OSI Membership


      • Action is with Kathy to follow this up – at this stage I’ll wait until new Council is in place and then re-confirm desire to proceed with this.
      • Not a priority. For next council.
      • We can announce that we are becoming members of OSI.
      • Kathy to do the paperworky things. ACTION: Kathy to do this


  • OSIA and LA Engagement


    • [DISCUSSIONS b/w OSIA and LA removed from public minutes – in general conversations have been held re: how the two organisations can work together]
  • Opening of LCA2020 Bids
    • Site selection mode is in full force. <REDACTED CITY NAME> to be visited by Josh Stewart and James Polley.
    • ACTION: James to organise this


  • ACTION for new Council. Check which subcommittee is still running and which ones aren’t.
  • ACTION: Cherie to complete the audit as to who is still active



  • IWS
  • Onboarding complete


      • Xero Area & Bank accounts assigned


  • $1,600 (their grant) transferred to their bank account


      • To be taken off the future agendas


  • Event Updates:


    • LCA2018 update (James)
    • Final bill from UTS of 50K. The final bill from Aerial regarding the catering. Most have been paid for. Expecting about 30K to the council. 7.5K is for the LA “Tax”. Joel was appropriately paranoid.
    • James to followup if test bodies are required for the Survey.
    • Kathy would like to do a debrief with council and the lca2018 team. Prior to Ghosts. This is to be held Feb 24th.
    • LCA2019 update
    • Ghosts Weekend – 7-8 April
      • List was sent to Council. Does this list look ok?
      • ACTION: Kathy to respond to lisa. James will need to talk to bruce and Joel Addison should be the 2020 contact.
    • Council Liaison appointment
      • ACTION:  Cherie to be the liaison
      • Most venues are booked
  • PyConAU 2018
      • Council Liaison Appointment
      • James to be this person. YAY JAMES!!! David to do a handover
  • LCA2020
    • Site Visit – Being organised
  • WordPress Sydney May 2018
    • Asked for budget
  • Drupal South Canberra 2018
    • On Hold

5. Items for noting

6. Other business

  • Long-term conference strategy
    • James would like to set up a cross-conference organiser list – akin to ghost but connecting all the teams who are currently organising things
    • James is about to set up a conference-tech team to help take burden of maintaining the website off conference teams. Do we need to talk about this?
    • Long term strategy for things like diversity would be great.
    • Long-term multi-year sponsor contacts
    • Keep the admin team to be on board and briefed.
    • James to setup a mailing list to bring the team together
  • NZ Bank access.
    • Sae Ra to mail Fob to Russell
    • RUSSELL GOT THE FOBS!!!!!!!!!!
    • Andrew Ruthven must now create ANZ NZ client numbers for us.  I have asked him to do that..
    • Cherie to followup.

7. In camera


2040hrs close

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