Council Meeting 9th November 2022 – Minutes

Council Meeting 9th November 2022 – Minutes

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1. Meeting overview and key information


  • Wil Brown (Vice-President)
  • Clinton Roy (Secretary)
  • Russell Stuart (Treasurer)
  • Jonathan Woithe (Council)
  • Neil Cox (Council)


Joel Addison (President)

Not Present

Lilac Kapul (Council)


Meeting opened at 20:02 AEDT by Wil Brown  and quorum was achieved.

Minutes taken by Clinton Roy


2. Log of correspondence

  • 2022-11-02 Email from Bret Busby regarding uceprotect
  • 2022-11-02 Email from Bret Busby regarding Noel Butler, SpamAssasin, and uceprotect


3. Items for discussion

  • Clarify uceprotect does not send out any .eml attachments causing further email list blocks. Uceprotect is an RBL. It does not send any email to anyone.
  • Dave Sparks speaking about the Drupal conference which was a week and a half ago. Conference was overall very successful, 239 attendees, about 20 more than their optimistic conference, about 12 walk up sign ons. Their venue was struggling with the number of attendees a bit, staff were a bit rusty.  Good vibe/energy during the conference, positive feedback about the conference. About fifty responses to a post event survey. Talks were rated 66% excellent, 30% OK, 2% poor. Do you see yourself coming to Wellington next year 55% yes. Mostly an Australian audience. $135k income. Half of ticket sales were not early bird. $93k from sponsorship. Sponsors were generally happy. $110 of expenses, still some invoices to come in.  Profit, at this early stage, is looking at around $40k. There were some AV staffing issues, and there will likely be a refund from them. Some recordings may have some sound issues. Still need to reconcile everything to get final numbers. Now aiming for Wellington, May 2023. Would like to continue using their event manager. Looking at holding a small event for sponsors. Would like to have a presence at everything open. Had an election for committee members in the lead up to the conference, three new committee members, all have experience at running events, and supporting local meetups; and have an agenda of running the conference and supporting the meetups. People enjoyed the hallway track as well as the talks. Had a good volunteer organiser, and a track chair organising talks. Despite the short turn around, organisers aren’t burnt out, and are motivated and energised to run the next event. Treasurer explains the process for the organising committee to request money for the next event. Treasurer notes one Drupal transaction that the council need to reconcile for the auditing period, discussions with Dave about how to resolve this. 
  • Stephen and Mike from the admin team. Not a lot to report. Mail issues with one member, they’re getting blocked because other people on their mail service are being labeled as spammers. Technical discussions about this issue. Steve asks about a date for the election, the council has not sorted a date yet. ACTION ITEM: Council to choose a date for the election, and tell the admin team. Steve warns there is a physical move of the servers coming up, not a big deal, but would be bad around the election. Some discussion of the dates chosen in previous years. Have added in a professional tier of slack, US$8.75/user/month, with the admin as users, everyone else as guests, to keep historical discussions available. Mike apologies for not making it every meeting, but the hour is late. Neill will look at the captcha soon, as requested by Steve. 

4. Items for noting

  • Dave Sparks emailed Wil Brown to say the Drupal South committee were having a post-conference debrief scheduled for last week, and from that, they’ll compile a report.

5. Other business

  • Russell will be asking for one paragraph bios, final reports, pictures for the AGM report.
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