Council Meeting 16th March 2022 – Minutes

Council Meeting 16th March 2022 – Minutes

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1. Meeting overview and key information


  • Joel Addison (President)
  • Wil Brown (Vice-President)
  • Russell Stuart (Treasurer)
  • Jonathan Woithe (Council)
  • Neill Cox (Council)
  • Lilac Kapul (Council)


  • Clinton Roy (Secretary)

Meeting opened at 20:05 AEDT by Joel and quorum was achieved.

Minutes taken by Joel

2. Log of correspondence


3. Items for discussion

  • Drupal – Dave Sparks
    • Working through budget at the moment ready to present back to LA
    • No firm plans on holding an in person event this year, but there are some borders opening which makes things more encouraging
    • Working on getting people interested in Drupal and giving a pathway into it, rebuilding the committee after some turnover.
    • Working on marketing to the community and working with sponsors to keep people engaged, but one key thing being worked on is enticing people to come to work on Drupal as a career. A number of organisations are finding it difficult to attract people, so looking at how the Drupal group can assist in some way.
    • Volunteers are quite busy at the moment, time of the year is playing a part in this.
    • Medium to long term goal to build more relationships with other open source communities, would also like to expand more on finding new volunteers.
    • Admin overhead for the team is not high, main thing is keeping communication going – meetups, sponsors, events, etc
  • Admin Team – Steve Walsh
    • Mail server work is being planned for ANZAC Day weekend. Looking at doing a trial change over Easter weekend, and then doing proper changeover later.
    • Another thing to be looked at is the old web server. This has a number of old LCA archive sites and other subdomains, so need to look at cleaning this up. The LCA archives need some work to cleanup old links that no longer exist, but on the whole these could be put up public again and then make fixes as needed.
    • Domain ( was renewed today
    • Steve will get a list of all of the domains for us to review and then we can work out what domains we should look at registering the root .au domain for.
    • There was a request from someone for hosting with a large number of IP addresses, which is not possible, but team will reach out to them to check on whether they still want the hosting without the IP addresses.
  • PyCon AU – Richard Jones
    • There will not be a conference in 2022. Announcement was sent out and website has been updated to note this.
    • Leigh has talked to Adelaide Convention Centre and they were happy to push the deposit back to 2023, so this made the decision easier for the team.
    • Request from committee for exports of all of the sites that were hosted on LA infrastructure, this has not been completed
      • ACTION: Joel to follow up with Admin Team
    • DNS update needs to be made to retire the domain, with only the domain being used from here forward.
    • Council meetings – invite to meeting in a few months, then re engage properly around October/November
    • Most of the original Adelaide team will be back to run 2023, so volunteers are looking good for the core team.
    • The team have encouraged people to attend their local Python user groups in the meantime, which is one of the sources of new volunteers as well.
    • Expect there to be some loss of transient attendees given there has not been an in person event for a few years, and no conference this year. However there are still a large number of people who are very interested in attending again. Lower numbers will be budgeted for.
  • WordPress – Wil Brown
    • Reached out to organisers for the WordCamps and meetups to see if anyone is interested in running a conference in 2022.
    • Out of 17 active meetup groups (AU + NZ), only 6 have been run online over the past two years.
    • Would not be surprised if there are no conferences in 2023 as well due to the main volunteers not being ready to commit to events again.
  • Flounder – Russell Coker
    • Group is going reasonably well, number of members is smaller than expected so looking to build this up more.
    • A number of members are now using Matrix and Mastadon to communicate and share information.
    • Possibly looking at running tutorials on open source phones and capture the flag contests.
    • There are a couple of other people who have stepped up to assist with Matrix and website.
    • Would like to reach out to more people to let them know about it, any suggestions welcome. Lilac to send details of some university groups.

4. Items for noting

  • NIL

5. Other business

  • Website Committee
    • Sae Ra would like to help out with updating the current website.
    • Joel is fine with this, but would like to talk to Clinton about this as well, as to whether he would like assistance with posting minutes
    • Council is in support of this in principle. Would like there to be an approval process so we are aware of what is changing. Look to use standard WordPress approvals.
    • ACTION: Joel to reach out to Sae Ra and Clinton about this.
  • OSI Voting
    • At this stage we are not close enough to OSI to make an informed decision on voting
    • Voting closes at 9am Monday 21 March US Pacific Time
    • Lilac asks whether LA would be interested in nominating for such positions in the future. Russell notes that overall this won’t happen unless someone or a group are interested in doing it, and have time to do so. If someone would like to do this they are welcome to raise this with Council.

Meeting closed at 21:20. Next meeting scheduled for 30 March 2022.

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