Council Meeting 08th December 2021 – Minutes

Council Meeting 08th December 2021 – Minutes

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1. Meeting overview and key information


  • Joel Addison (Vice President)
  • Clinton Roy (Secretary)
  • Jonathan Woite (Council)
  • Russell Coker (Council)
  • Russell Stuart (Treasurer)
  • Sae Ra Germaine (President)
  • Neil Cox (Council)


Meeting opened at 19:32 AEDT by Sae Ra  and quorum was achieved.

Minutes taken by Clinton Roy

2. Log of correspondence 

  • Kathy Reid request for de-identified membership postcode/city/country data to create a map showing visual densities of member locations
    • Sae Ra notes that she would like to show the same map at the Linux Australia talk that she is doing with Julien at LCA2022. Sae Ra suggests that our members can legally request membership data under our constitution, although our privacy policy has wording that suggests data may not be shared with third parties unless this is required to carry out normal activities or we are compelled to by law enforcement. The committee commences reading the Associations Incorporations Act, constitution and privacy policy. Neill thinks the privacy policy blocks us from sending the information. Clinton wonders if the council can give Kathy the final result of the data she’s after without giving individual numbers. Joel mentions this would be normal operation if we generated this ourselves. Jonathan thinks the constitution and the privacy policy don’t clash, as there’s a provision for if we are legally obliged. Russell Coker thinks any member of good standing should not constitute a third party.  Clinton asks, again, if council can make the final product, a pretty heat map. It is mentioned that Kathy is on the Linux Australia Media team, so sharing data could come under that. Lots of back and forward discussion about how to make things clear between the constitution and privacy policy. ACTION ITEM: Jonathan to make an adjustment to privacy policy, removing ambiguity.
  • Sae Ra raises a motion to give the requested data to Kathy for the purpose of generating a heat map of members, Russell Coker seconds. A vote on the motion:

For: six.

Against: none.

Abstain: 1.

The motion is carried. ACTION ITEM: Sae Ra to get postcode information to Kathy.

3. Items for discussion

  • Bank kerfuffle. Russell rang the bank again today, they did not get back to him. Has also emailed them with no result. Russell guesses that it’s closed due to inactivity. If that is the case, it’s very hard to undo, and the easiest thing to do is to shift bank accounts. ACTION ITEM: Russell will update the account in Stripe and XERO.

4. Items for noting

  • Once the admin team has moved the instance of civicrm to our local instance, we’ll be ready to open up taking nominations for council. Sae Ra asks for the best time to hold the AGM during LCA, some non-important logistical discussion ensues. Saturday is chosen.
  • Jonathan has a work in progress task to look at possible voting platforms, at this point still thinks we should stick with Zoom, even though it’s not an ideal solution for a FOSS organisation. The 22nd of December meeting would mostly be looking at nominations. Looking at changing the Fifth of Jan meeting to the Twelfth to make things a little easier, an induction for any new council members.

5. Other business

  • Russell is still dealing with some outstanding invoices.

6. In Camera

  • 1 item was discussed in relation to LCA2022
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