Council Meeting September 13, 2023 – Minutes

Council Meeting September 13, 2023 – Minutes

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1. Meeting overview and key information


  • Joel Addison (President)
  • Wil Brown (Vice-President)
  • Neill Cox (Secretary)
  • Sae Ra Germaine  (Council)
  • Marcus Herstik (Council)
  • Russell Stuart (Treasurer)
  • Jonathan Woithe (Council)




Meeting opened at 19:33 AEST by xx and quorum was achieved.

Minutes taken by Neill Cox


2. Log of correspondence

  • PyCon AU server exports – Steve Walsh has responded
  • DrupalSouth Sydney 2024 draft budget and venue contract – invoices have been paid
  • Credit Reference Check Request for Linux Australia Inc T/As Linux Australia for a Debtor Account with Gladstone Regional Council – Russell has responded 
  • Two more PyCon AU payments for approval – invoices have been paid

3. Items for discussion

4. Items for noting

5. Other business

  • Drupal sub committee update
    • Canberra community day is progressing well. Venue booked for 23 November, call for regos have opened. GovCMS megameetup. 23 registrations so far. 50-60 is viable for a good minimum. 3 of the 6 sponsors have been locked. It’s all low key and lower budget. Need to send out a more targeted sponsor update email to fill the rest of the 3 spots. Draft Agenda, and ask for volunteers to go out this week as well.
    • Sydney – March, save the date has gone out, opening regos soon. Going to the sponsor list soon. The platinum sponsors have already come back and are coming together. Made contact with the local agencies to provide volunteers. 


  • Admin team update

Fastmail testing is complete and Steve is mostly happy, with the exception of an issue when creating a new domain which is a bit clunky. Chasing up with Fastmail to see if there is an easier process.


Auto renewal of the application for is in place and working. Sadly that means it is also working for the other applicant.


Anchor are making changes to their domain registration business. It may be time to find a new provider. Perhaps VentraIP or even Fastmail (although that would mean all our eggs would be in one basket)


May only be able to provide DB backups to PyConAu leaving them to recover the venv/webroot.


2024 budget is in progress and will have a large expenditure to rotate the disks in the servers. Disks will be bought in batches to avoid buying the same build of disks and having them all die at once.


Question from Russell about bounces on Russell Coker’s email address. Steve thinks this was caused by Russell Coker only returning IPv6 addresses. This problem will go away when we move to Fastmail.


  • Joomla sub committee update


  • PyCon AU sub committee update


None of the PyconAU subcommittee can attend. Richard Jones provided this update:


  • actively looking for a venue in Melbourne for the 2024 conference (due to it being simpler for steering committee to inspect prospective venues), to be held around October/November (in general better weather allowing for a nicer outdoor experience for attendees looking for external catering, which allows us to significantly reduce cost risk, and also to further separate our conference from Kiwi PyCon)
  •  have a lot of volunteers for 2024 express interest but no chair as yet
  •  are awaiting a response to our Intent to establish Independent Subcommittee for PyCon AU (Joel has sent an initial response)
  • are in the preliminary motions of compiling the 2023 conference report for the LA annual report
  • are still working on completing our archive of previous conference websites


  • Flounder sub committee update

No update.


  • LUV  sub committee update

No update


  • WordPress sub committee update

No update. Decision on venue due in November.  Plan to form the organising team in late Nov and submit the WordCamp proposal to WordCamp Central and also ask to form the LA sub committee. Likely to choose UTS as the budget is the lowest. Looking to talk to WCC to increase ticket price from $60 to $70.

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