Council Meeting Tuesday 7th May 2019 – Minutes

Council Meeting Tuesday 7th May 2019 – Minutes

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1. Meeting overview and key information


Sae Ra Germaine, Julien Goodwin, Russell Stuart, Clinton Roy, Jonathan Woithe, Miles Goodhew


Joshua Hesketh


Meeting opened at 19:32 AEST by Sae Ra Germaine and quorum was achieved.

Minutes were taken by Julien.


2. Log of correspondence

  • None

3. Items for discussion

  • Consider / Approve the TechTeam Budget
    • Notes from treasurer: I don’t believe most of this document.  The domain name renewals and APNIC renewals (10% of the total) are probably OK.  The remainder is a copy & paste of figures from previous years that bear no relationship to actual expenditure in those years.
    • Post discussion:
      • Clarify if they’ll have the hackfest.
      • Don’t want contingency funding i budget.
  • Also purchase quote for new server
    • File “Sales Quotation_Linux Australia Inc_E20008700.pdf” in mail “New server hardware purchase request for discussion” from Steve Walsh.
    • Response to be: If the hardware can hold until October we’d prefer to do that, present a new quote in September so purchase can be made as soon as new financial year opens.
    • AI: Sae Ra to respond to Steve


      5. Items for noting

  • Bank forms update.
    • Westpac person for Sae Ra on leave, hopefully sorting this week.

6. Other business 

  • NZ GST
    • Is complicated
    • Seeking an audit trail for invoices.
    • AI: Russell to get someone admin rights on LCA2019 site.

7. In camera

  • Two items were discussed in camera.


Meeting closed at 2029 AEST.

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