Council Meeting Tuesday 26th March 2019 – Minutes

Council Meeting Tuesday 26th March 2019 – Minutes

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1. Meeting overview and key information


Sae Ra Germaine, Joshua Hesketh, Julien Goodwin, Russell Stuart, Clinton Roy, Jonathan Woithe, Miles Goodhew




Meeting opened at 19:33 AEDT by Sae Ra Germaine and quorum was achieved.

Minutes were taken by Julien.


2. Event Review

(Secretary’s note: The first few months of these event reviews will be minute-less as it was not until August that we had agreed to release more detailed minutes.)

WordCamp Brisbane 2019

Drupal South Hobart 2019

Joomla Day Brisbane 2019

PyconAU 2019

LCA 2020

3. Log of correspondence

  • Storage rental
    • Paying for a storage unit in Camperdown
    • Likely to shift to Brisbane.

4. Items for discussion

  • TasLug domain registration
    • LA to take domain ownership, point at taslug NS
    • Failing that expense it, although unlikely that it would be.
    • Sae Ra talking to Steve already
    • Motion raised by Sae Ra to pay this, seconded Clinton, passed with one abstention.
  • SunLug domain bill
    • Sae Ra has bill, will forward to Russell
  • Subcommittee policy update
    • <Notes about individuals removed>
  • Julien is out for the next meeting, volunteer to take minutes?
    • Jonathan volunteered (himself even!)


5. Items for noting

  • Bank forms are working their way around.
    • Supposedly.
    • Russell will call tomorrow.

6. Other business 

  • Did the event review work?
    • Certainly worth another try.

7. In camera

  • Three items were discussed in-camera.


2055  AEDT close.

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