Council Meeting Tuesday 12th March 2019 – Minutes

Council Meeting Tuesday 12th March 2019 – Minutes

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1. Meeting overview and key information


Sae Ra Germaine, Joshua Hesketh, Julien Goodwin, Clinton Roy, Jonathan Woithe, Russell Stuart


Miles Goodhew


Meeting opened at 1931 AEDT by Sae Ra and quorum was achieved.

Minutes were taken by Julien.

2. Log of correspondence

  • Sae Ra contacted Joel about ghosts, no reply as yet, discussions happening within 2020 team.
  • Russell talking with Drupal-South re inductions
  • OSI board voting ongoing, closing on Monday

3. Items for discussion

  • 23rd April meeting is the Tuesday right after Easter, will that be ok for everyone?
    • Nobody present had any significant issues, meeting will stay as-is.

4. Items for noting

  • IBM have paid

5. Other business 

  • Structure of conference review council meetings
    • Start out with the external parties, normal business afterwards.
    • AI: Russell to send Zoom link.
    • Pycon
      • @7:30 AEDT
    • LCA2020
      • @7:45 AEDT
  • Subcommittee Proposal document
    • (General comments, reviews will continue on the document)


6. In camera


  • Two items were discussed in-camera.


2022  AEDT close

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