Council Meeting Thursday 15th March 2018 – Minutes

Council Meeting Thursday 15th March 2018 – Minutes

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Council Agenda Thursday 15 March 2018

1. Meeting overview and key information


Kathy, James, Cameron, Cherie, Russell


Meeting opened by 1935 AEST by Kathy Reid  and quorum was achieved

Agenda summary – key items for discussion this agenda

2. Log of correspondence

Motions moved on list


General correspondence

  • Cameron Shorter submission for Open Government:
    • Perhaps formalise the language somewhat. ACTION: Kathy
  • Central Repository of Presentation slides – email from
    • Suggestion that we put the slides on
    • LCA2018 went back and asked speakers for slide decks, and will be up on the mirror.
    • Not a strong case for us to pursue this? But lca2018 slides will be on the mirror, feel free to harvest.
      • Time to move off the agenda 🙂
  • Beyond 2020 Alliance
    • No further movement with Beyond 2020 Alliance
    • Backburner this thing.
  • Blue Hackers
    • ACTION: Russell to follow this up, still waiting for a response from Arjen
    • We are now waiting on Russell!

4. Items for discussion

  • Standing item: review activities list for new items
    (this document helps tell us what new activities to expect or plan for)
  • Council Face to Face #1 to be held Weekend of the 13th of April 2018
    • To be held in Melbourne. Brady Hotel, Little LaTrobe Street (
      • Booked, hotel has everyone’s name on file so arrive and say your name.
      • Arrive Friday, check out Sunday
      • Carlee at Flight Centre has been notified of who needs travel planned
      • Dietary requirements to be advised – Bacon x1000
      • Invoice for accom falls 1 month before F2F – ACTION: KATHY PAY THIS!
    • Running sheet and budget is here:
      • ACTION: James, Cherie, Cameron, russell, Hugh to contact Carlee and arrange own travel
      • Please input your flight arrival times and rough times you will need to leave to make your flight on the sunday.
      • Include contact details and dietary requirements
    • Agenda will be sent out closer to the event. Plans for the year ahead, key risks, budget, f2f specific discussions, long hair.
    • Cherie and Russell to discuss Xero procedures after the meeting
  • Membership platform:
    • ACTION: Kathy to provide links to information to James & Cherie
      UPDATE: This information was provided on 6th March.
      Kathy would now like to progress with the membership platform by engaging Agileware – and starting the process.
    • MOTION by Sae Ra Germaine that Linux Australia move ahead with Agileware and start scoping the process.
      • Seconded: Kathy Reid
      • Motion passed.
  • LA Grants Submissions:
    See related document (Grant information)
    See related information (Grant Applications 2017)

    • ACTION: CAMERON  to think this through on how the submission process is to take place. Eg a second mailing list for community feedback.
    • Initial announcement to come from the announce list.
      • Moving to a new mailing list.
      • Sae Ra has pinged Duncan regarding the UX grant.
      • 35K is the current amount available
      • Applicants need to be a member of Linux Australia.
      • This should be released next week.
    • Working with WordCamps and WordPress user groups
      • “AFAIK, The meetups which the subcommittee is supporting are: Not covered by the Linux Australia insurance”
        • Incorrect – all covered by LA insurance
      • 1. Is Linux Australia happy for the events that the WP Australia subcommittee supports to have alcohol present? – given the above restrictions, or other terms as dictated by LA
      • Dee and Dion have their bank accounts sorted and areas are now in Xero. YAY!


  • [LA] Yes – as long as it’s delivered under RSA guidelines at an RSA licenced venue.
  • EG: event held at a bar/cafe/restaurant which has staff enforcing RSA guidelines – Fine
  • EG: Event held in an office with nobody responsible for enforcing RSA guidelines – not okay


        • 2. Is Linux Australia happy for the WP Australia subcommittee to handle alcohol receipts for expenses?


  • LA needs to make sure that this is covered under our insurance.


        • Additionally, I’d also like to raise this:
          • 1. Does Linux Australia consider these meetups to be auspiced events which need to make an official Linux Australia acknowledgement?


  • [LA] Yes


          • 2. If Linux Australia doesn’t consider these meetups auspiced events, what is the best way to acknowledge support without inferring liability / ‘ownership’ of the meetup?


  • [LA] N/A as we do consider these auspiced but perhaps something like – “This is a WordCamp meeting, funded by WordCamp Support etc, auspiced by Linux Australia who provide insurance and administrative support”


          • 3. If a meetup were to need Public Liability insurance for a venue, would LA be able to provide it? With pre-organising it with you, possibly fee-payable, etc.


  • [LA] As this is an LA event this is already covered; our insurance already covers all of our meetings at all locations for a flat fee [with logo]
  • ACTION: Cherie to check the insurance
  • ACTION: Kathy to get back to Dion regarding this once insurance has been checked.



  • OSI Membership


    • Kathy to do the paperworky things.
      ACTION: Kathy to do this. Yet to be completed.
    • UPDATE: Paperwork submitted 6th March, awaiting OSI making a determination


  • OSIA and LA Engagement


      • TL:DR OSIA are really struggling to get board members for their board. 15K in Assets. They are unsure as to if they should fold or continue or become an LA subcommittee. Josh Stewart has now stepped onto the board of OSIA. If come August they have not got enough members they will be looking to LA for assistance.
      • No links to OSIA minutes can be provided.


  • Submissions/Papers in draft:


    • Open Government paper
  • EFA reachout – Kathy is videoconf’ing with Lyndsey Jackson from EFA on 16th Feb, update to be provided next meeting
    • Challenge that EFA, is wondering what options EFA has with access to LA money.
      • Grants money is available. And what the process is around there.
      • Lyndsey to reach out to us regarding structure of their proposal.
      • LA isn’t opposed to the idea but would need to take it on a case by case basis.
      • The price of $100-$300 a year for organisational membership.
    • Nothing more from EFA.  What are they offering for corporate membership. Currently it is at $400.
  • LCA2020
    • Site visit done happened.
    • Strong support from events bureau
    • Great community amongst venues
    • Conference venue looks great
      • Has AARnet connection already
      • Great transport
      • Government owned (but not run); seem reasonably reasonable and happy to promote tourism on the coast
    • Team reasonably experienced
      • but perhaps a little small, and lacking direct connections to the coast
    • JP: Suggest that we *don’t* confirm that they’ve won the bid until Russell has negotiated detailed contracts with all venues
    • Can we go ahead and tell LCA2019 that Joel is coming?
    • Next actions:
      • See a budget and approve the budget.
      • Accept the subcommittee


  • ACTION for new Council. Check which subcommittee is still running and which ones aren’t.
  • ACTION: Cherie to complete the audit as to who is still active



  • ACTION: to formally create the Conference Support subcommittee


    • James moves that we create a conference support subcommittee, lead by Cherie with James and Sae Ra, tasked with providing resources/support/documentation/processes available to conference teams to lessen the burden of running a conference
    • Important to note that this should be making resources available to  teams rather than providing directives that must be followed
    • James to email admin-team to request mailing list setup
  • Seconded by Hugh Blemings
  • Vote passed unanimously
  • ACTION: information to be forwarded to Admin team with request for mailing list. Need 2 administrators, name of list and requirements


  • Current Website – Sae Ra


      • Sae Ra is Crazy.
      • Nearly finished.


  • Email from MARK WARKHOLM – DGR status for Linux Aus


      • ACTION: Russell has looked into the requirements, and LA may qualify after all. Suggests we seek advice on wording and application.
      • Not urgent
      • No response as yet. Russell to chase once back from the holidays 🙂 Russell will be out of action due to said holidays


  • Diversity training


    • Are we locked into this training by one organisation?
    • Can we go with a train the trainer model?
    • Quals of the trainers?
    • Is it better to have more people on the team?
    • What are the trainers backgrounds, do they have references?
    • ACTION: James to follow up with Katie.


  • Event Updates:



  • LCA2018 update (James)


      • James to followup if test bodies are required for the Survey.
      • Kathy would like to do a debrief with council and the lca2018 team. Prior to Ghosts. This is to be held Feb 24th.
      • OUTSTANDING: storage unit not suitable, ACTION: James to research moving facilities and would like the budget line item of storage to be moved to LA budget as PyCon will be using the equipment. Currently costing $650/month new facility will be app $250/month.  James to inventory stock.
        • Russell agrees it should be paid by LA, however we should bring down costs
      • ACTION: Kathy and Russell to research there is enough in the LA budget to cover storage costs.
      • Almost have the finances finalised. But all seems to be wrapping up. Storage to move.
      • Survey to be written and sent out.
        • ACTION: Sae Ra to chase the survey and a post event report. Because Kathy said…
      • Post event report?


  • LCA2019 update


      • ACTION: Kathy to respond to lisa. James will need to talk to bruce and Joel Addison should be the 2020 contact.
      • Option number 2 please! 2020 conference director knows enough about the various aspects.
      • Cherie contacted LCA2019 re: 2020. Would need to check that accom is being booked for all that are going to ghosts.
      • ACTION: James to contact LCA2020 with Kathy and Carlee to book flights for LCA2020 rep
      • Russell needs Flight Centre invoices authorised by whoever raised them.
      • Accom has been sorted and they are fine tuning dietary requirements etc.
      • Lisa has been asking about the papers committee procedure. Information to be provided to Lisa.
        • Meetings have happened. This is to be drawn up.
        • There will be something for Lisa and the team by Ghosts.
        • ACTION: Kathy to progress this.
    • PyConAU 2018 – James Polley
      • Storage, venue things, etc.
      • They are further along with plans regarding papers. Trial this weekend. They are using for their CfP process.
      • They are trying to ramp up their team. Seem to be on top of things at this point.
      • ACTION: James to put in subcommittee names for PyConAU into the subcommittee list.
      • James to work with PyCon regarding storage and size of the storage units.
      • Need to keep track of how the sponsors are going.
      • Treasurer insists on a live budget please 🙂


  • LCA2020


    • Reported above


  • WordPress Sydney May 2018



  • Drupal South Canberra 2018


    • ACTION: Kathy to reach out and find out what’s going on.
    • Reached out to Chris Skene.
    • ACTION: Kathy  to keep on pinging

5. Items for noting


  • auIGF:


    • Linux Australia has reached out to the Auspicing group.

6. Other business

  • NZ Bank access.
  • Data-breach policy:
  • Mail to be re-directed to Kathy’s house rather than Sae Ra’s for 2018/2019
  • ACTION: Madam Pres look at your debit card!
  • Christchurch needs to authorise the payments. ACTION: Russell to speak to Lisa. Joel’s to go to Kathy.

7. In camera


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