Council Meeting Tuesday 12th February 2019 – Minutes

Council Meeting Tuesday 12th February 2019 – Minutes

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1. Meeting overview and key information


Julien Goodwin, Russell Stuart, Clinton Roy, Jonathan Woithe, Miles Goodhew


Sae Ra Germaine, Josh Hesketh

Meeting opened at 19:33 AEDT by Julien and quorum was achieved.

Minutes taken by Julien.

2. Log of correspondence

  • None

3. Items for discussion

  • Sponsorship subcommittee proposal
    • AI: Clinton to chat to 2020 team about their viewpoint
    • Quick mention of whether just an LCA sponsorship or general.
  • Action for Russell: we need a replacement for the invoice payment page.
    • Still pending
  • Russell proposes we ask Clinton to be a “payment approver”.  We had three active approvers last year (KR, SG, and RS), and now we appear to only have two.  If one of us is otherwise occupied payments will be delayed. If Clinton agrees he will get full access to all bank accounts.
    • Clinton acks.
  • Email from James Polley, Subject: ConfSupp Terms of reference, Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2019 15:58:57 +1100.
    • Delayed to F2F
  • Email from James Polley, Subject: Mailing list for conference dev please, Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2019 16:14:57 +1300.
    • Motion passed, Russell & Clinton
  • Email from James Polley, Subject: Xero area/sub-area (and budget line items?) for conference support subcommittee?, Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2019 16:19:51 +1300.  Russell has not reimbursed James’s expense claim for the MacMedic voip bill because he’s never hears of it.  He has not responded to my request for clarification. Does anybody know anything about it?
    • On hold, pending clarification
  • Go through the handover list.
  • Go through the activities calendar.

4. Items for noting

  • Julien in process of getting PO BOX contact details updated so he can get notifications (Contact is still [OLD, name removed]).
  • Things that happened treasurer wise in the last fortnight:
    • NZ bank accounts look to be sorted.
    • Westpac has two outstanding problems:
      • Card is missing, replacement has been promised..
      • We are being billed for a EFTPOS facility we cancelled 6 months ago.
    • IBM Banking form: the saga continues, and is almost certainly not resolved.
    • GST Advice: $6K-$8K quote from Minter Ellison, I send queries to 3 others.  One only has replied with “please pay us a visit” but no quote.
      • As a consequence, BAS has not been submitted yet.
    • Westpac and Xero access has had old people removed.
    • Drupal South Hobart Induction is happening tomorrow.
    • NSW Fair Trading return has been submitted.
    • $6K paid to Ryan Verner for Hackfest Grant.
    • F2F Venue has been booked and paid for.  So far only 2 expense claims have been submitted for F2F travel.
  • Email from  James Polley, Subject: Money from Micropython miniconf last year, Date: Sat, 9 Feb 2019 16:49:37 +1000.  Joel (LCA2018 treasurer) OK’ed my suggestion it be used for the LCA2019 Hackfest grant.  James did not reply to my suggestion.
  • Andrew Chalmers (LUV President) still hasn’t done his induction, I will contact him again next week.
  • Final meeting for LCA2019 incident response team on Thursday night
  • Admin team:
    • Russell needs to chase up the admin teams promise to  test proxmox with LCA2020.
    • We need to extract a quote from admin team for hardware upgrade in time for 2019/2020 budget.
    • Russell would like to see backups done to third parties (eg BackBlaze) and the LA Exec has access to those backups.

5. Other business 

  • Carried over until after F2F: Russell Keith-Magee – Subject: Formally constituting a Python community subcommmittee within Linux Australia, Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2019 09:46:20 +0800.
  • AI: Russell, GitHub permissions
  • AI: Russell, LA website
  • AI: Jonathan, Google account for drive access

6. In camera

  • No items were discussed in camera.

19:59  AEDT close

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