Council Meeting Thursday 5th July 2018 – Minutes

Council Meeting Thursday 5th July 2018 – Minutes

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Council Minutes Thursday 05 July 2018

1. Meeting overview and key information


Kathy Reid, Hugh Blemings, Cameron Tudball, Russell Stuart


Sae Ra Germaine, Cherie Ellis, James Polley

Meeting opened at 1932AEST  by Kathy and quorum was achieved

    Agenda summary – key items for discussion this agenda

2. Log of correspondence

Motions moved on list

  • Encryption Support Letter
    • 4 votes received. Letter was signed. Thank you to Kathy for sending this off to AccessNow.

General correspondence

  • Blue Hackers
    • ACTION: Russell to follow this up, still waiting for a response from Arjen
    • We are now waiting on Russell!
    • Still Pending.
  • Aptira partnering with Linux Foundation for OpenStack / Open Networking roadshow and series of one-day conferences
    • Completed. – Leaving on the Agenda
    • SLUG moving their DNS off LA (
      • SLUG domain renewal was paid for today


  • ACTION: Sae Ra, ask admin for list of domains that we own/manage.


      • Done?

4. Items for discussion

  • Council Face to Face #1 Follow-up
    • Check in with non event committees to get their current status (Cherie)
      • BAD CHERIE
    • Can we OAuth from CiviCRM (Kathy)
      • BAD KATHY
    • Privacy Policy (Draft: Kathy, Proofing: Cameron)
      • BAD KATHY
    • Make a list of HackerSpaces for the website (Cameron)
    • Everyone to copy and paste their action items into the agenda.
    • Code of conduct: there are several pull requests outstanding / requiring discussion on the Code of Conduct on GitHub. For discussion / rejection / acceptance.
      • Cherie has found and proposed a less wordy alternative for 12 and 30; accepted another noncontroversial change, and will work on a few more. Kathy to provide some git assistance as needed.
    • Insurance: Certificate of Currency has been received.
      • Cherie to tweak some of the wording about covered events


  • To report: insurance chap has email to amend insurance cover (remove GovHack), and is trying to amend travel cover to replace the word ’employee’ to ‘volunteer’ which will remove the requirement for lists of names.


Cyber-insurance is an insurance product used to protect businesses and individual users from Internet-based risks, and more generally from risks relating to information technology infrastructure and activities. Risks of this nature are typically excluded from traditional commercial general liability policies or at least are not specifically defined in traditional insurance products. Coverage provided by cyber-insurance policies may include first-party coverage against losses such as data destruction, extortion, theft, hacking, and denial of service attacks; liability coverage indemnifying companies for losses to others caused, for example, by errors and omissions, failure to safeguard data, or defamation; and other benefits including regular security-audit, post-incident public relations and investigative expenses, and criminal reward funds.
    • Cherie to continue to investigate
    • Everyone else to think about worst cases and what risk we might be able to tolerate
  • Membership platform:
    • Discussion with Agileware has resulted in a much reduced quote on the voting module – around $12-15k
      • This reduces our ability to request changes and alterations and may result in some reduced testing
      • All up about 3 weeks worth of work
    • Kathy proposes moving forward with this now as we have quotes that fall within the budget we have allocated
    • RS gets clarification that we (admin-team) will set up the system and install wordpress; AgileWare will install and configure civicrm on top, then develop the voting module to our spec.
    • In total the new budget comes to around $5k more than we had budgeted for this; but we can make up the shortfall from our Prof. Services. Budget.
    • ACTION: Kathy to run the plan past Steve for one last check before we go ahead.
  • LA Grants Submissions:
    See related document (Grant information)
    See related information (Grant Applications)

    • Grant applications to be promoted this to go onto social media
    • Grant reviews to occur next meeting
      • MOTION template: Please not that these motions to not have to pass and even if you call the motion you do not have to vote in favour.
        • MOTION BY <INSERT NAME HERE> That Linux Australia Accepts the Grant Proposal <insert proposal name here> submitted by <insert person name here>
          • Seconded:
          • Motion passed/unsuccessful
          • If there are constraints to the motion passing (eg change in conditions, amount of $$ given, caveats, requirements for reporting) note this here otherwise remove.
    • 2 Grant Submissions to update
      • Grant submission received this week from HealthHack
        • MOTION BY Kathy Reid That Linux Australia Accepts the Grant Proposal from HealthHack submitted by HealthHack Australia
            • Seconded: Cameron
            • Motion: unanimously.
            • If there are constraints to the motion passing (eg change in conditions, to the value of approximately $2,000, subject to HealthHack agreeing to submit a report on how the grant was used by 2018-12-31.
      • MOTION BY Kathy Read That Linux Australia invite HealthHack become subcommittee of LA:
          • Seconded: Cameron.
          • Motion passed/unsuccessful
          • Conditions: HealthHack give us a yearly report after the event is run, and LA will review HeathHack status as a subcommittee, and a list of subcommittee members is received from HealthHack.  This subcommittee is expected to revenue neutral.
      • Grant submission received from Australian Internet Community – planning a way forward – Lyndsey Jackson & Sandra Davey
        • MOTION BY Hugh Bemings That Linux Australia Accepts the Grant Proposal from HealthHack submitted by HealthHack Australia
          • Seconded: Cameron
          • Motion unanimously
          • Amount: $3,500, a report to be given to LA after the event.
        • Kath to advise Aus Internet Community of outcome.
        • For Noting:
          • GC TechSpace approached council to ask about a grant request
          • RUSSELL to approach GC TechSpace to get some more details
            • Partially done.  Clinton knows nothing about them.  David (requester) emailed. Russell to chase up reply.


  • KATHY to tally up the currently allocated budget and look at what’s remaining.


          • Spreadsheet has been updated to calculate what $15K that has been requested, how much was given out and how much is left.
          • >>$15K left in budget.
        • EFA will be putting in a grant
  • Working with WordCamps and WordPress user groups
    • Nothing to update


  • OSI Membership


    • OSI have voted us in


  • OSIA and LA Engagement


    • JAMES went to a board meeting on the weekend and talked a lot
    • We might be seeing some more engagement from OSIA members on our mailing lists.
    • They are likely to be doing a Roadshow in August and will likely reach out to offer LA members to attend.


  • Submissions/Papers in draft:


    • None at this stage.
  • EFA reachout
    • Peter Tonoli at EFA made some enquiries about a possible grant request, but nothing has been received yet.
      • Working on a grant request but not linked to EFA.
    • Brochure has been sent to the group.


  • ACTION for new Council. Check which subcommittee is still running and which ones aren’t.
  • ACTION: Cherie to complete the audit as to who is still active



  • ACTION: to formally create the Conference Support subcommittee


    • Terms of Reference?
      • ACTION: James to bring this up at the next Conference support subcommittee meeting.
        • To then be sent to Sae Ra for sanity checking and then sent to Admin
      • No updates as yet.


  • Email from MARK WARKOLM – DGR status for Linux Aus


    • ACTION: Russell has looked into the requirements, and LA may qualify after all. Suggests we seek advice on wording and application.
    • No updates as yet.


  • Event Updates:



  • LCA2018 update (James)


    • Post Event Email still not sent out. Bruce/James chatted today about this; we have a draft that’s mostly written.
    • Post Event Report – can we get template?
    • Survey will not be sent out and seeking feedback via the post event email.
    • Joel has <=3 outstanding things that require payment.


  • LCA2019


      • Discussion regarding bringing in Cory Doctorow as keynote. Total <NZ$30k. Stephen has asked whether LA would help towards funding.
      • CFP close to going live (target is first weekend in July)
      • ACTION: Cherie to phone Steven and discuss options
      • Kath to offer assistance for promotion of CFP.
    • Internet Freedom Hackathon


  • Run in Melbourne and Brisbane. Got some shout outs. Invoice has been paid
  • ACTION: Kathy to continue followup the invoice. With Wrapup for the annual report for 2018.
  • Invoice has been paid. Start a 2018 report folder.


  • PyConAU 2018 – James Polley
    • 60 papers in CFP so far
    • Because of good sponsorship the conference is now at the break even point at 75% of projected attendance.
    • Record number of submissions
    • Some issues with venue re: budget for AV and wifi.
    • Team is *very* short at the moment.


  • LCA2020


    • Team has been officially notified they are the winning bid.


  • WordPress Sydney May 2018


    • CFP going well. Following up with some speakers, some have already been invited.
    • WCCentral has capped ticket prices at $55; as a result the budget is currently tracking around the medium scenario and so still looking for a few more sponsors.
    • Ticket sales go live any time now – watch the socials.
    • Kath to do an announcement to Linux-Aus on this event.


  • Drupal South Canberra 2018


    • Kathy to arrange OnBoarding with Russell and get bank accounts opening

5. Items for noting


  • auIGF:


6. Other business

  • Data-breach policy:
  • Admin Team infrastructure.
    • Sae Ra to organise the call –
      • Once Terms of Reference has been written up for the Conf Team we can proceed.
  • Outstanding GitHub pull requests. Cherie’s recommendations:
    • See above
  • Apr-June BAS, waiting on:
    • Reconcile “PYMT HOTEL REAL HOTEL REALM” – no invoice created yet.
    • DrupalSouth2018 incoming payments (looks like sponsorship).
    • PyconAU 2018 Stripe deposits.
    • NOT waiting of Debit Card (Ya!)

7. Backburner

8. In camera

XXXX close

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