Council Meeting Thursday 3rd January 2019 – Minutes

Council Meeting Thursday 3rd January 2019 – Minutes

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Caretaker Council Agenda Thursday 03 January 2019

1. Meeting overview and key information


Kathy, Cherie, Cameron, Russell, James, Sae Ra



Meeting opened at 1932 AEST by Kathy and quorum was achieved

2. Log of correspondence

Requests for cancellation of membership.

3. Items for discussion

  • Membership platform:
    • Outstanding pieces
      • Turn on Email notifications for candidates that have been nominated.
      • Andy Gelme
      • Recommendations with Josh
      • Cloudflare
      • 3 nominations for council
      • Passwords need to go into keepass
      • MOTION by Hugh that Kathy keeps her website access for a handover until the 2020 Council Elections
        • Seconded Sae Ra Germaine
        • Carried
      • Automatic updates are being turned on.
      • Awards page to be put on the website.
      • ACTION: Kathy to report the election bug to Agileware
      • ACTION: Blog post about the partnership/open/transparent agileware, voting module
      • ACTION: Sae Ra and Kathy to setup notificiations etc.
  • LA Grants Submissions:
    • The TimVideos Hackfest
      • Where did this get to?
      • Reimbursements/receipts etc.
    • OpenHardware
      • Need an invoice from them to pay that in jan.


  • Event Updates:


  • LCA2018 update (James)
    • Setting up an archived version of the site. Currently in progress. Need to pass this on to Steve. ACTION: Sae Ra to check with steve how this should be posted.
    • Post Event report is also required.
    • Couple of budget items to reimburse on. Refunds for a couple of people and not sure what to do with this.


  • LCA2019
  • ACTION: James Ghosts Drinks?


        • Just in case…
          MOTION By Sae Ra Germaine that Linux Australia to approve the spending of $1500 on a Ghosts get-together at LCA2019
          Seconded By Cameron Tudball
        • Carried
      • There are some limits being reached if council can help out please do.
      • Martin Schwenke’s logo release form signed and we are now a partner with IBM.
      • From Sae Ra – Questions to Rusty Russell
        • ACTION: Cherie to follow-up about no questions during keynotes
        • ACTION: Cherie to follow-up on AGM dial in for Sae Ra

4. Items for noting

  • 18 days left until the AGM!!!!!!!! ?

5. Other business

  • AGM
    • Do we have everything ready?
    • Constitution Changes?
      • Turn on notifications first.
    • How are we going to have the membership vote on this?
  • Annual Report
  • Nominations
  • Can someone please take Minutes for me at the AGM?
  • ACTION: Kathy to reach out to Stewart Smith, Terry Dawson, Jon Oxer for the returning officer role.
  • Does anyone mind if Sae Ra gives some access to Julien as I will be running a handover next week.

6. In camera

One item was discussed in camera


2021  AEST close

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