Council Meeting August 16, 2023 – Minutes

Council Meeting August 16, 2023 – Minutes

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1. Meeting overview and key information


  • Joel Addison (President)
  • Wil Brown (Vice-President)
  • Neill Cox (Secretary)
  • Sae Ra Germaine  (Council)
  • Marcus Herstik (Council)
  • Russell Stuart (Treasurer)
  • Jonathan Woithe (Council)




Meeting opened at 19:35 AEST by Joel and quorum was achieved.

Minutes taken by Neill Cox


2. Log of correspondence

  • DrupalSouth Sydney 2024 draft budget and venue contract – Russell has responded
  • Russell Coker re Grant
  • E-textiles 2022 grant follow up report
  • Russell Keith McGee re PyCon AU pre-event invoice – Russell (Stuart) has responded and the invoice is paid
  • Kathy Reid re DjangoGirls event social media posts for reference – Jonathan has responded
  • Jonathan re Fwd: Django Girls Canberra #1 reaction and photos

3. Items for discussion

  • IWS LA Subcommittee

Current plan is to wind them up in September as we’ve received no response.

  • LUV Subcommittee – Neill to contact LUV to discuss attendance at subcommittee meetings
  • FLOUNDER Subcommittee – Neill to contact FLOUNDER to discuss attendance at subcommittee meetings
  • Everything Open

Joel has spoken to Mike indicating that we intend to accept both bids, one for 2024 and one for 2025.

Mike has asked Joel to talk to the Adelaide Convention Centre. 

The Adelaide bid has found a dinner option at the Adelaide Zoo which looks interesting.

Joel will also arrange a meeting with Rob to discuss the Gladstone bid.


  • DrupalSouth Community Day 2023 Budget
    • DrupalSouth operating budget – Canberra 2023 – Original DO NOT EDIT
    • Would like a separate bank account for Community Day 2023 and DrupalSouth 2024

      The budget is approved by Council and Russell will inform the Drupal South subcommittee.

4. Items for noting

5. Other business

  • Drupal sub committee update


The contract is ready to sign for Drupal South in Sydney. The LA council has approved signing the Sydney contract.


A/V – is included in the venue quote. Recording will be an additional cost, and handled by the conference organisers. Will not use the venue’s hardware for video.


The actual A/V process will probably involve recording to a GoPro onto an SD card which will then be processed and uploaded. The cost for the Wellington conference was in the order of $7500. Wellington was recorded using phones. This is not live streaming. There was a conscious decision not to live stream once face to face conferences became possible.


In Wellington the slides were recorded via Google Meet.


Call for volunteers for Sydney coming soon. Looking to find a local organising committee, but with help and oversight from the Drupal South Subcommittee.



The Canberra budget will hopefully be kept under $10,000


Non Conference operating costs

Between events, monthly retainer, mailchimp,and  other ongoing infra. Generally pushed into the most recent event, even though that event has been closed. When the Sydney account is opened 


Can there be a separate operational account and budget to pay for costs not directly related to running a conference?


Yes, but. There is already a steering committee account. It should have a budget and LA will transfer money across to that account.


Some initiatives to promote Drupal that aren’t events. For example sponsoring a booth at an event to promote Drupal. No revenue will be collected. How should these be paid?


LA Answer: Again, pay for this from the Steering Committee account. Provide a budget to LA, but then the Steering Committee can allocate funds as necessary.



LA asks: Do we know what sort of overlap of attendees between EO and DS


DS Answer: More than a handful, but less than a lot.


The budgets sent to LA are not live, but represent the budget that DS have committed to. There is a separate live budget that DS will supply a link to for the LA committee.


DrupalSouth Video link: 


  • Admin team update

No update as Steve is unable to attend.


  • Joomla sub committee update

No update.


  • PyCon AU sub committee update

Event is looking to get just shy of 450 attendees. 40 online. People are arriving onsite to help.


Looking at a $20k profit after the LA costs. This is after a change to catering arrangements.


Numbers are just shy of the 2016 Melbourne event.


LA Question: Is there a pipeline of future events?


Answer: Not yet, this is something that will be looked at after the event.


  • Flounder sub committee update

No update.


  • LUV 

No update.


  • WordPress sub committee

Quote received from the Sydney Masonic Lodge. Attendance estimated between 350 to 450. Estimated cost is $100k. If the Grand Hall was used it could seat up to 600 people and would not be much more expensive, except for the A/V which would be $6,000 per day.


Waiting on some other quotes. Not expecting much more movement until about December.


Some concerns about calling the conference WordCamp Australia. Much of the push back has been from sponsors, about whether this would make it harder to run WordCamps in other cities. So may change the name back to WordCamp Sydney so as not to overshadow the other cities.

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