Council Meeting 28th April 2021 – Minutes

Council Meeting 28th April 2021 – Minutes

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1. Meeting overview and key information


  • Sae Ra Germaine (President)
  • Joel Addison (Vice President)
  • Clinton Roy (Secretary)
  • Jonathan Woite (Council)
  • Russell Stuart (Treasurer)


  • Neil Cox (Council)
  • Russell Coker (Council)

Meeting opened at 19:33 AEDT by Sae Ra and quorum was achieved.

Minutes taken by Clinton Roy

2. Log of correspondence

3. Items for discussion


Executive round table discussion about drupal. This is what they’ve hired their event organiser for. About to send out sponsor packs. Have a speaker, still wrangling details. Should be held in mid to late may, 19th is the target date. Assuming all goes well, they’ve got another two events they’ve got planned for later in the year.

Website redesign. They’ve gone out to tender, got one response. They are still waiting to hear from LA’s treasurer on how to pay for it. Do they roll it into an event, or ask for a separate payment item; as it’s not attached to an event.

Bigger wellington event planned for 2022, march some time. Sae Ra needs to check over coverage. Concerned about lockdowns of course.

TODO: Owen to send an email to Russell Stuart to talk about budget.

From the admin team: (Steve/Mike are an apology, Sae Ra speaks about things she’s been working on with Steve)

Sae Ra: LA has conveyed that the new paperwork setup is too onerous for smaller organisations. The domain is another question.


Working with Sae Ra on AUDA email

fixing a weird disk usage issue on one of our mail hosts

tidying up backups.


working on zfs snapshot tidyups on pve hosts

Sae Ra is still working on insurance. One interesting thing; if a speaker gives IT advice, they have to have their own public liability insurance in case that advice causes damage. We may need to have a waiver saying that each speaker is just saying an opinion.

Russell realises that humbug is not covered.

Sae Ra raises the prospect of having another tier of sub-committee just for dealing with the domain issue.

Richard speaking about Py Con Australia

Days away from opening the call for papers. Got announcements almost ready, got the specialist track people ready. Planning to have it open for about six weeks. Planning on having three/four weeks after closing the cfp to pick talks, speakers, get a schedule together. Tickets to go on sale early June. Sponsorship side of things is starting up, prospective is nearly ready. Volunteer numbers look really good at the moment, enough to shadow some positions, Programme Chair for example. Going to have a social media person.

Sae Ra asks if they’ve had a look at the AV side of things, we asked for more detail. The plan is to use the same system as last year, just refined a bit.


  • Clinton says the final invoice to Sae Ra hasn’t come through yet
  • Joel still has some final tweaks to do to the archive.
  • Treasurer was stunned at the google cloud costs.


  • Survey went out, 101 responses, mostly positive, some feedback about pdns.
  • Sae Ra still to send out thank you gifts. Roughly seventy odd.
  • Russel notes that he hasn’t got invoices for 2021, will work with  Joel to get them.

4. Items for noting

5. Other business

  • Sae Ra asks for confirmation for meeting dates. 22nd of May is locked in. Likely to be 9-5 with breaks.
  • Sae Ra has been asked to speak at the John Lions talk.
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