Council Meeting 26th May 2021 – Minutes

Council Meeting 26th May 2021 – Minutes

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1. Meeting overview and key information


  • Joel Addison (Vice President)
  • Clinton Roy (Secretary)
  • Jonathan Woite (Council)
  • Russell Coker (Council)
  • Russell Stuart (Treasurer)
  • Sae Ra Germaine (President)


–    Neil Cox (Council)

Meeting opened at 19:31 AEDT by Sae Ra  and quorum was achieved.

Minutes taken by Clinton Roy

2. Log of correspondence

  • Person asking about corporate membership.

3. Items for discussion

  • 19:35 Drupal contact: AcceptedHaving an event next week, executive round table.
    Pretty good keynote speaker lined up, digital head of Last push this week for attendees and sponsorship. Already covered costs with sponsorships. Communicating with Russel re bank stuff. Should have their new treasurer sorted, plus working out westpac id. August and November events are in the planning stages, both to be virtual. Plan for NZ event still pending, tentatively planned for September.  Sae Ra asks if they need any help doing social stuff for social media, they have a paid person running linked in targeting advertising, trying to sell a positive open source story.  Russell continues bank communications, they’re still to finalise banking induction.  There’s an old Drupal South bank account that needs something done with it. Rebranding has been paid for, and has nearly been completed.
  • 19:45 Admin Team: Invited

Steve joins us. New Mirror has been installed with an OS, is currently syncing the content from the existing mirror. 15 Terrabytes of useable space, about 4 used. Going to restart our Ubuntu mirror soon. Got our ssh key running on agileweb, there’s a twice daily web sync, twice daily database sync. Admin received a request from the 2022 lca team for mailing lists and stuff. Sae Ra says the core team has a core list, but everything else needs a mailing list set up. Steve still needs a vanity domain for rt etc. Sae Ra thinks most technical stuff should probably be going through Joel. Steve wants to follow the standard plan to avoid four weeks of clean up post conference. ACTION ITEM Steve to mail plan-from-bitter-experience to council. Steve notes that SSL certs are coming up for renewal. Notes that there’s another scheduled catchup with Sae Ra to talk about the web server. Steve notes that the constitution probably needs tweaking for, Sae Ra thinks we don’t have to, clearly this is a bit of a mess. A note for whoever sent the invite out, the subject triggered the subject. Comments about the looming lockdown in Melbourne.

  • 19:55 Joomla: Patrick Jackson: Accepted
    Patrick and Stuart joined us.

Apologies for being a little terse in updates of late. Joomla had a small issue with their previous president taking thirty seven odd thousand dollars out of the accounts, which happened 18 months ago, only being cleaned up now. They’re looking for a new president. Probably going to end up with a more open board meeting setup, with more external parties able to watch the proceedings.  This is obviously impacted on the team doing their activities. Brisbane has gone back to using their office for meetings, everyone else sticking with virtual. Working out how many of the 135 international groups are active.  Joomla USA Day at the end of april, first time for a paid online event model, all videos are available to ticket holders. Biggest drama was staffing the joomla table with the american time zones, lots of lost sleep. New marketing and advertising director is up for voting. Putting together a public relations team, to put out press releases to IT news groups. Looking at running a joomla day australia event. Joomla USA day used an online tool kumo space, online social space, with spatial audio. Looking at using that for events dealing with translation, marketing. Looking into the domain issue, the council affirms that joomla can use linux australia to auspice that.  ACTION ITEM joomla subcommittee will pass through subdomain paperwork to the council.

  • 20:05 Pycon: Richard Jones: Accepted

Has been moving house, a little out of touch with the team.  CFP still has about two weeks to run. Responses are tracking ahead of last year. One of the tracks has not yet received any responses, the devoops track. Requests the council to amplify the callout for that. The have planned for some of the tracks to run a half day. All platinum sponsorships slots have gone, still lots of interest from other companies. Looking into planning for on the day stuff, call for volunteers has gone out, show producer during the event. Also for the green room tech-check role, runs the tech checks prior to the event. Lots of responses to these call outs. Clinton asks if there are other roles if they don’t fit, and not really, though they asking for people to review the program. Per the timeline, rego will open next week. Beefed up contact handling software a little. Richard would like to get a clear statement from council regarding our sub committee status. ACTION ITEM from the council. Repetitive costs (e.g. domain costs) are a bit of a pain for the conference, looking to hand that off to the steering council, or linux australia. ACTION ITEM Richard to mail Russell about setting up a new westpac ID. Sa Ra asks for an email for all comms, so she can boost them.

  • 20:15 LCA2020: None, liaison in council
    No updates on closing down google/aws cloud.
  • 20:25 LCA2021: None, liaison in council
    Sae Ra still needs to mail out thank you gifts.
  • 20:35 LCA2022: None, liaison in council
    Joel and Sae Ra have had meetings with the team. They’re still working on getting a solid core team together. They’ve started talking to keynotes. Still need to talk to the most likely person to run SSC. Still wants suggestions for a co chair.
    Next steps are infrastructure stuff to discuss with the admin team.
  • Grants submission.  Jonathan recaps, this is a resubmission of last years software freedom day team, stuff happened and they didn’t end up organising the transfer of money. They’ve asked for costs to cover that.

Sae Ra has a quick question for Russell, with our meetup funding, can we cover another one?

Russell isn’t sure.

MOTION: To accept the grant proposal for $950 to run software freedom day in Melbourne.


Seconded: Jonathan

Abstained: none

Yae: unanimous.

Nay: none.

MOTION passed. Jonathan to get in touch with them.

4. Items for noting

  • Corporate membership option. Sae Ra suggests their money goes to a scholarship for students to go to our conferences for free.  ACTION ITEM: secretary to gently request more information from them about what they’re expecting.

5. Other business

  • Wordfest live mail, Sae Ra may organise a call with them after some investigation.
  • Cyber insurance, Russell S and Joel looked at different insurance plans and offers. The different plans seem to differ on where the revenue is coming from, local or international. Still work to do to write some required policies around things like anti-virus etc.
  • Russell reports that we’ve probably got room in our meetup account to support software freedom day easily.
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