Council Meeting 21st July 2021 – Minutes

Council Meeting 21st July 2021 – Minutes

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1. Meeting overview and key information


  • Joel Addison (Vice President)
  • Clinton Roy (Secretary)
  • Jonathan Woite (Council)
  • Russell Stuart (Treasurer)
  • Sae Ra Germaine (President)
  • Neil Cox (Council)


–    Russell Coker (Council)

Meeting opened at 19:32 AEDT by Sae Ra  and quorum was achieved.

Minutes taken by Clinton Roy.

2. Log of correspondence

From: Patrick Jackson

Subject: Draft Proposal for the Joomla Australia Subcommittee

3. Items for discussion

  • Admin team, Steve speaking. Not a lot to discuss. Finished email setup for Joel (lca2022). Still to finish of Request Tracker, had to build a whole new host, still need to debug the old one. Website stuff is slated for August. Admin team requests a vanity domain, at the moment we just have a non vane, vanity domain. To make things easier, would be easier to have the domain before the conference is announced. Doing the domain stuff for the LA website next week, running a trial election between fruit types. No movement from PyCon uploads. A possible back up position is to download things from youtube. Needs to get invoices for SSL certificates, actual budget is a little higher than estimated budget, wants to work out why before submitting invoices. Admin team need to work out a budget estimate. Jonathan asks for some details about the vanity domain, it’s really just for dynamic tools, and ssl certificates. Easier to archive things with a totally external vanity domain.
  • Drupal team, Own speaking. Have an event, that is well under way. Early bird tickets are available. Got a content program that is underway, people are accepting offers to talk. Most of the sponsorship is sold. Orignator of Drupal is going to give a fireside chat.  Should be selling tickets this time next week. Sae Ra offers to help retweet social media stuff. First time of the short format, four hours long, with lots of audience interaction.
  • Joomla, Patrick speaking. The agreement was shared with their users last night, greeted with enthusiasm, pleasantly surprised with the response. Sae Ra offers the LA CoC as a template. Discussing for Joomla australia is up for next user meeting. Having a membership drive coming soon. Global Drupal going through a bit of a turbulent period, with the accusation of fraud, the firing of the president, the tied election of the replacement election and board. Sae Ra mentions that LA has used a coin flip to decide between a tie. Something like 80% voted in the Drupal vote. Stuart Robertson joins the call. Sae Ra needs the council to look at the document, in particular the membership fee, which is fine, as long as the money goes back to the users. There’s a question on insurance in the MoU. August 17 is the next group meeting, will someone be available from LA to be a rep?
  • PyCon Australia, Richard is speaking. Since we last talked, the CFP has run and closed, fantastic response. The program was constructed over three weeks, published. The speakers have all acked, and believed to have all registered. Still getting them into the discord chat service. Have a bunch of back up talks, asking them to be pre-recorded, will publish them at the end of the conference. Have a show producer and green room tech. The producer will wrangle the event. The green room tech will do the early tech checks. These positions are now filled. Other positions are being filled as well. Happy that the even will run with the volunteers they have. Sponsorship target has been matched, and extra sponsors are still being talked to. Looking at live captioning with the extra budget, but it’s touch and go at this stage. Worried about setting a precedent that future conference will feel like they have to match. Conference venue system contract has been signed, was within expected budget parameters. There are a number of new features, that were in alpha for LCA, probably beta atm, probably available for pyconau. May be able to offer some of these to sponsors to run sub events. Ticket sales have opened, 78 paid tickets so far. Told the host that they have a limit of 800 odd attendees. Just this evening, put out a call for MCs and speaker wrangler volunteer roles. Merchandise store is also open from this evening. Confirmed keynote speaker. Additional call for social events. Clinton asks what sort of social event, Richard response with shared meals, morning tea, lunch dinner. Video games, board games, lightning talks. Sae Ra asks for marketing material for the GLaM sector. More video training coming up for core team members. Conference safety committee. Keynote speaker gifts are being designed, and organised. Recording deadline coming up. Sae Ra reminds Richard that LA has a business account with Australia Post, and will pick up large mail outs.

LCA2020 – Sae Ra speaking, We’re still paying for stuff.

LCA2021 – Sae Ra to send stuff off.  Looks like we’ve made a profit.

LCA2020: Sae Ra and Joel speaking. Opened up calls for miniconfs. One miniconf submission so far. Backup/restore tested, thanks to Russell Stuart. Putting together an AV request for quote. SSC will be contacted any day now.

Russell asks about continued google cloud payments. Offers to produce a flat file for archiving. ACTION ITEM For Russell Stuart to work with Joel at the next Humbug meeting to produce an archive.

Joomla MoU. Look at reporting, make it line up with LA AGM. Look at membership costs. ACTION ITEM Sae Ra to make a copy in our google drive to commenting.

4. Items for noting

  • Sanjeewa Jayakody is a former work colleague of Russell Stuart at Bridgestone. He has a number of programming projects on the boil, mostly in python. Some could be suitable for university students. Sanjeewa is based in Adelaide and would like to meet face to face with someone from Linux Australia to get an overview of what we do. He would like to contribute financially to some of our activities (essentially sponsorship) with an eye to raising his organisation’s profile in the FOSS community and attract some interest from potential contract programmers for his projects.

To this end and at Russell Stuart’s suggestion, Jonathan (being the only LA council member in Adelaide) arranged to meet Sanjeewa on Wednesday 14 July 2021. However, this fell through at the last minute due to Sanjeewa having to deal with some unexpected 2021/22 budget approval administrative issues. The current plan is for Sanjeewa to contact Jonathan in the next few weeks once he has resolved his administration issues. Of course a further constraint now will be the lifting of the COVID-19 lockdown in South Australia.

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