Council Meeting 12th October 2022 – Minutes

Council Meeting 12th October 2022 – Minutes

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1. Meeting overview and key information


  • Joel Addison (President)
  • Wil Brown (Vice-President)
  • Clinton Roy (Secretary)
  • Russell Stuart (Treasurer)
  • Jonathan Woithe (Council)
  • Neil Cox (Council)


  • none

Not Present

  • Lilac Kapul (Council)

Meeting opened at 20:00 AEDT by Joel  and quorum was achieved.

Minutes taken by Clinton

2. Log of correspondence

3. Items for discussion

  • Dave Sparks, speaking on Drupal conference. 210 tickets sold, 50 are sponsors, 30 are speakers, expecting another 10/12 from various sponsors/speakers. Income in $45 speakers, $80 odd k from sponsorship. Costs around $110, profit around $20/25k. Community seems happy with talks and the schedule, a good run on tickets after that was announced. They’ve had to put a waitlist on the sprints day. Typically some people don’t turn up to that day, but this would look like their biggest sprint day yet. All the previous sponsors have come back. The key thing for next year would be trying to expand beyond their normal audience. Not that many Kiwi attendees, groups/businesses/govt bodies only sending one person from their team. Wellington conference schedule for around May next year. Quite encouraging numbers for the conference and community, pent up demand for an in person conference. Over half were sold at half price. More talks submitted than required, good call for papers response. A good number of first time speakers. Clinton asks how the organisers are going, the paid events organiser has worked really well again. Probably did not get a local team in place for on site logistics, will try to do that a bit earlier better for Wellington. Did hear some feedback about running a hybrid event, but not much.
  • Stephen Walsh, speaking on behalf of the admin team. Not a lot to report. Registered, is a whole other story, is owned by another organisation. Stephen describes the process to attempt to get it back, is not a quick fix however. Jonathan asks for a first thing to do, first thing would be to ask for clarification of supporting documentation, but this does not have to be done quickly. Coming up to election season, Stephen would like to think about dates and times. There will be a brief outage for a physical move in the rack. Questions about, mail access has been sorted. The domain renewals come in a few weeks, Stephen will send through the receipts after that. Will think about doing a face to face. Need to chase up the manufacturer of the services to work out if we have a three of five year maintenance plan.
    Clinton asks Stephen to take control of the domain question, and Stephen accepts.
  • Nathan Morrow speaking on Joomla! Joel asks if the constitution from the MOU has been adopted, and it hasn’t yet. Joel thinks there are some wording changes that could go in, it was based on an old Linux Australia one, and needs the same updates that the old LA one does. The wording changes are to do with the incorporation wording in particular, the Joomla! Constitution does not require that, and could be simplified.
    The group is talking about running an in person conference again and wants this sorted before then, but that’s not for at least another twelve months, so plenty of time. Joel broaches the idea of having some Joomla content at ACTION ITEM Council to set itself a weeks deadline to have any suggestions of changes to the Joomla MOU back to them.

4. Items for noting

  • ACTION ITEM Clinton to poke the Electronic material workshop people.
  • The council needs to start working out the election timetable, yearly reports, etc.
  • The council needs to organise the subcommittee for everythingopen, but the large cross over with the council makes it a bit problematic. 
  • Joel raises a motion to create a subcommittee to oversee 2023. Clinton and Sae Ra to be president, Joel to be treasurer.
    • For: 6 Against: 0 Abstain: none
    • Motion is passed.

5. Other business

  • None
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