Council Minutes Wednesday 15 July 2015

Wed, 2015-07-15 19:47 - 20:29

1. Meeting overview and key information
Josh Hesketh, Josh Stewart, Craige McWhirter, Sae Ra Germaine

James Iseppi, Chris Neugebauer, Tony Breeds

Meeting opened by Josh H at 1947hrs and quorum was achieved

MOTION that the previous minutes of 1 July are correct
Moved: Josh H
Seconded: Sae Ra
Passed with 2 abstentions.

2. Log of correspondence

Motions moved on list

General correspondence

GovHack 2015 as a subcommittee
MOTION by Josh H We accept govhack as an LA Sub-committee with the task of running GovHack at a national level with:
- Geoff Mason - lead
- Alysha Thomas
- Pia Waugh - as the liaison to LA
- Sharen Scott
- Diana Ferry
- Alex Sadleir
- Richard Tubb
- Jan Bryson
- Keith Moss
Under the Sub-committee policy v1 to allow the committee to run with autonomy and to use an external entity for administration.
Seconded Chris
Passed Unanimously
The old Subcommittee policy will need to come into effect
UPDATE: Bill from GovHack for Tony to process.
Need to discuss the Linux Australia Prize. Who will be judging the prize. The prize value is at $2000 “Best use or contribution to Open Source”.
For future GovHack events an option to offer tickets to a LA run conference.
A few tickets could be given
MOTION: Josh H Moves LA sponsors GovHack for the prize of “Best use of or contribution to Open Source” for the value of $2000.
Seconded by Sae Ra
Passed unanimously.
MOTION: Josh H Moves LA to reach out to the Geelong GovHack team and Geelong LCA team to discuss local sponsorship of LCA tickets
Seconded Chris
Passed unanimously.
Josh H to take this action
UPDATE: Josh H to find out if we need to do anything to Judge the OpenSource Bounty.

Invoice from LESLIE POOLE - Reminder notice from Donna and Leslie have arrived.
Supporting the Drupal Accelerate fund
UPDATE: In Progress. Tony to process in Xero
UPDATE: Drupal to send through an updated invoice. - In Progress
UPDATE: Paid and processed, to be removed from the next agenda

Admin Team draft budget from STEVEN WALSH
UPDATE: Awaiting for a more firm budget
UPDATE: Still awaiting

Insurance claim for GovHack
The TV has been damaged.
MOTION by Josh Hesketh: Approve Spacecubed to purchase a replacement up to $600
Seconded: Josh Stewart
Passed unanimously
ACTION: Josh H to action this.

JoomlaDay Brisbane Subcommittee:
Proposed members:
- Jeff Wilson: Site Chair
- Carly Willats: Treasurer
- Julian Murray
- Tim Plummer: Community Member
- Shane Thorpe: Community Member
MOTION: Josh H approve the formation of Joomla Day brisbane, with the members mentioned above. With Tim and Shane as Community members
Seconded: Sae Ra Germaine
Passed Unanimously

DrupalSouth 2016 Subcommittee:
Proposed Subcommittee members:
- Vladimir Roudakov: Site Chair, Community Brisbane
- Simon Hobbs: Treasurer,
- Josh Waihi*: Observer, Community NZ
- Brian Gilbert*: Observer
- Josh Li*: Observer, Community Canberra
- Tony Aslett*: Community Brisbane
- Sean Cleary*: Community Brisbane
- Murray Woodman: Community Sydney
- Josh Martin: Community Melb
- Jamie Jones: Community Gold Coast
- Owen Lansbury*: Observer
MOTION: Josh H approve the formation of DrupalSouth 2016 subcommittee with the members mentioned above.
Seconded: Sae Ra Germaine
Passed Unanimously

3. Review of action items from previous meetings

Email from DONNA BENJAMIN regarding website and update to D8 or possible rebuild.
Discussion held about means of finding people willing to assist with both the maintenance of the website platform as well as the content available on this.
JOSH H to speak to Donna regarding this
UPDATE: Ongoing
UPDATE: to be moved to a general action item. To do a call for help to work on the website. Could this be treated as a project.
We need to at least get the website to D8 and automate the updating process.
ACTION: Josh to get a backup of the site to Craig
ACTION: Craige to stage the website to see how easy it is to update.
UPDATE: Craige to log in to the website to elevate permissions.
UPDATE: Still in progress
ACTION: Josh H to tarball the site.

ACTION: Josh H and Tony to assess an appropriate amount to transfer funds back from NZ to Australia.
Update: In progress
Update: To be done on friday.
Update: Still in progress

ACTION WordCamp Brisbane - JOSH H to contact Brisbane members who may possibly be able to attend conference closing
ACTION: Sae Ra to send through notes on what to say to James.
UPDATE: James delivered a thank you message to WordCamp.
WordCamp was a successful event. Thank you to the organisers.
ACTION: Josh H to get a wrap up/closing report
UPDATE: Still in progress

ACTION: Josh H to follow-up on Invoices from WordCamp Sydney
UPDATE: Would be interested in changing the subcommittee structure for ongoing conferences. Conference committees to draft a policy.
UPDATE: Still in progress

4. Items for discussion

- LCA2016 update
Going along very well.

- LCA2017 update
Going along well

- LCA2018 update
There have been no expressions of interest.

- PyCon AU update
In a few weeks
Sales are going well.

- Drupal South
Correspondence: Quotes from Venue
UPDATE: require some final details to finalise the sub-committee. DrupalSouth to submit a budget.
Covered in the points above

- WordCamp Brisbane
Wrap up report required

- OSDConf
ACTION: Josh H to follow-up on budget status
ACTION: Josh to ping OSDConf
Payment for venue has been processed, banking and finances have been sorted.

- GovHack
Logos have been updated
Insurance claim
Judging needs to be sorted.

- JoomlaDay
Covered in previous notes.

5. Items for noting
Second F2F
Dates have been set for 14-15-16th F2F
ACTION: Josh H to book the Hotel and conference room.

6. Other business

Membership of auDA
Relationship already exists.
LA has the potential to influence the decisions that are made.
ACTION: Council to investigate and look into this further. To be discussed at next fortnight.
UPDATE: Carried to next meeting
MOTION: Josh H moves that LA becomes a Demand Class member of auDA
Seconded: Tony B
Passed unanimously.
ACTION: Josh H to sign up with LA CC
UPDATE: In progress

David would like to keep working on ZooKeepr.
We will need to find a solution that does not block volunteers from helping work on ZooKeepr.
ACTION: James to look at ZooKeepr
UPDATE: In Progress.
ACTION: Josh S to catch up with David Bell regarding the documentation.
UPDATE: In progress.
ACTION: Josh H to catch up with James at PyconAU

Grant Request from Kathy Reid for Renai LeMay’s Frustrated State
MOTION by Josh H given the timing the council has missed the opportunity to be involved in the Kickstarter campaign. The council believes this project is still of interest to its members and will reach out to Renai on what might be helpful in an in kind, financial or other way. Therefore the grant request is no longer current and to be closed.
Seconded Sae Ra Germaine
Passed unanimously
ACTION: Josh Stewart to contact Renai
UPDATE: Contact has been made.

Mailing list request from RUSSELL COKER regarding Science Cafe
To be discussed next Council Meeting.
MOTION by Josh Hesketh Linux Australia approves Russell Coker’s Science Cafe Mailing List
Seconded: Sae Ra Germaine
Passed unanimously

7. In camera

2 Items were discussed in camera

2029PM close.