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Michael Still: A walk in the San Mateo historic red woods

Mon, 2015-01-26 02:28
James, Tony and I went for a little post long haul flight walk this afternoon in some red woods. Very nice.


Interactive map for this route.

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Sridhar Dhanapalan: Twitter posts: 2015-01-19 to 2015-01-25

Mon, 2015-01-26 01:27

Clinton Roy: clintonroy

Sun, 2015-01-25 16:27

Finished the Learning to Learn MOOC course. I missed a few of the deadlines due to lca2015, so I’m not not bothering to do the written parts, which does make me feel rather like I haven’t finished the course. It’ll be interesting to see if I can apply the techniques going forward. I’m pretty sure I’ll chase up their book at some point as well.

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Craige McWhirter: Craige McWhirter: A Little Vim Hack For Go

Sat, 2015-01-24 21:28

After LCA2015 I've starting playing with Go (I blame Sven Dowideit). If you already use VIM-YouCompleteMe) then you should be right for most things Go. However I tinker in a few languages and you'll never guess that they have different rules around style and formatting of code.

Go is one out for me requiring settings unique to Go among the languages I tinker in. I made the below changes to my ~/.vimrc to suit Go:

function! GoSettings() set tabstop=7 set shiftwidth=7 set noexpandtab endfunction autocmd BufNewFile,BufFilePre,BufRead *.go :call GoSettings()

Now when I edit a file with the .go extension, my Vim session will be formatting the file correctly from the start.

You can also configure Vim to run gofmt but I preferred this approach.

Clinton Roy: clintonroy

Sat, 2015-01-24 17:27

Caught up with a friend in the morning.

Booked the local bowling place for my birthday celebration.

Caught up on the ‘learning to learn’ mooc. I’ve missed the deadline on the quiz and the written material, but I’m continuing through with everything else. I should be able to get through the final week of content tomorrow.

Watching more LCA2015 videos.

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Clinton Roy: clintonroy

Sat, 2015-01-24 17:27


A very wet day, I was drenched only about fifty metres from home.

Watching and noting on more lca2015 videos.

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Clinton Roy: clintonroy

Sat, 2015-01-24 17:27


Finished typing up my hand written LCA2015 notes into the humbug wiki. I’ve now started the videos of the talks that I’ve missed.

Went and saw the move “Birdman” and I felt like I was back at BIFF, what a lovely little film, that covers a range of themes, without being complicated.

Home at midnight though, which made for a short night’s sleep.

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Clinton Roy: clintonroy

Sat, 2015-01-24 17:27


Caught up with a close friend this evening. I may well lose her in the coming weeks, so I’m trying to organise a nice night out for her in a few weeks, under the guise of my birthday.

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Gary Pendergast: Indoor Skydiving

Fri, 2015-01-23 17:26

Dear Diary,

Today I went skydiving, whilst barely leaving the ground. It was a bunch of fun.

<3, Gary.

Andrew Pollock: [life] Day 359: I guess I'm not a stay at home Dad any more

Fri, 2015-01-23 15:26

It's just occurred to me that this will be my last "stay at home Dad" post, because this morning was the last time I'll have Zoe until after she's started at school.

I woke to quite heavy rainfall. Zoe slept late, in think due to a combination of the cooler temperature, lack of direct sunlight, the rain, and the busy previous day and slightly later bedtime. I used the extra time to get ready for the day.

After a quick breakfast, we got straight in the car to get to Sarah's place, because I had to be back home again by 9:15am for a video interview with Google. It was tight, with the wet road conditions, but fortunately my interviewer was a few minutes later than me, so everything worked out okay.

Since then, I've been wandering around in a bit of a daze. I collected the last unit of my real estate licence course from my PO box. All I need now is the actual bit of paper saying I've achieved all of the requisite units of study, and I can go and apply for my licence. Oh, a business name will help too. Coming up with a name/domain name combination is proving phenomenally difficult.

I guess this lull in proceedings before a whole bunch of new stuff starts is a good time to stop and reflect.

I've had a fantastic year. This would have to be the sustained best year of my adult life. On a personal front, I've got to take a break from work, and go off and explore a bunch of other things. I did a barista course. I did a top rope climbing and abseiling course. I've finished my real estate licence course. I've had the opportunity to explore a few different startup ideas, and meet a bunch of different people.

My running has fallen off a bit, but I'm trying to fix that up again now. Maybe this year will be the year I do the Gold Coast Half Marathon. In fact I think I will actively work to that goal this year, since I shouldn't have any date conflicts like I ended up having last year.

On the fathering front, I had an irreplaceably wonderful year with Zoe. I have cemented my relationship with her, and I'm very confident in my capabilities as a single parent. I'm grateful that Zoe got to have the benefits of a proper Kindergarten program. It will give her a strong foundation entering Prep this year.

I'm also glad I managed to keep up the blogging for the whole year. It'll be nice to have this record to look back on.

As for 2015 for me, it's still a bit of a blank slate. I'm open to returning to Google, if that works out best for everyone. There's also a local job that I've found that I believe I'll be a good fit for, which I'm interviewing for next week. I could, if I was feeling really game, just freelance, and do a whole bunch of different things, but I think after a year of living off my savings, I'd prefer the security of a stable income for a while.

Right now, I think I'll try and clean up my desk, so I can start whatever comes next with a tidy desk.

Michael Still: Harcourt and Rogers Trigs

Fri, 2015-01-23 08:28
I needed to visit someone in deepest darkest North Canberra yesterday, and there was an hour to kill between that meeting and the local Linux User's Group meeting. It seemed silly to have driven all that way and to not see a couple of trigs, so I visited these two. Both these trigs were easy to get to and urban. Frankly a little boring.

Harcourt trig is in what I will call a cow paddock -- it doesn't have a lot of trees happening and feels a bit like left over land. Access to the nature reserve wasn't very obvious to me from the suburban streets, but the KML file below might help others to work it out. It wasn't too bad once I'd navigated the maze of streets and weird paved areas.


Interactive map for this route.

Rogers was similar, except access was more obvious because it is in an older suburb. This is a nicer reserve than Harcourt's, with a nice peak and some walking opportunities around the base of the hill. I think I'll probably end up coming back to this one as my wife is nostalgic about growing up backing on to this reserve.


Interactive map for this route.

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Andrew Pollock: [life] Day 358: Doctor, class lists, shopping, swimming, haircuts, dinner

Fri, 2015-01-23 08:25

Yesterday was a rather jam packed day. I'm not surprised Zoe's sleeping in, although the rain is probably helping.

We got going in the morning, and first off was the weekly wart freezing at the doctor. We're going to have to take a different approach once school starts next week.

After that, I checked my PO box, and got back one more unit of my real estate licence course (marked competent). So I'm just waiting for one I had to resubmit then I've officially completed everything. Hopefully that will come through early next week.

After that, we popped over to Chloe's place so we could all walk around to the school together to check the class lists, which were published.

Zoe did really well. She got the teacher that I'd wanted her to get, and Chloe is in her class, along with a boy, Flynn, she got to know through the Poppet program they ran last year. I met the mother of another little girl, Milla, who will be in Zoe's class too, and introduced the girls to each other. I'm very excited to see how Zoe's going to go at school next week. I think she's going to do really well.

After that, we went out to Carindale to do some birthday present related shopping for Eva and Layla's upcoming birthday, and some other general shopping. We also bumped into Mackensie's dad.

We ended up at Carindale for quite a while, so by the time we were done, we had enough time to race home, make a batch of hummus for dinner, and race out again to swim class.

Straight after swim class, we had haircuts, so we had to hurry over to the hairdresser, and then head back to Chloe's place for dinner.

Zoe had a great time playing with Chloe and her older sister, and I got to put my feet up for a bit and hang out with Kelley and Mark. It was a nice evening.

We got home to a welcome letter in the mail from Zoe's new teacher, which was nice. We made that the bedtime reading, as it was getting late.

Chris Samuel: Mount Burnett Observatory Open Day and Third Birthday – Saturday 24th January 2015

Thu, 2015-01-22 22:26

As some of you know I’m involved with the Mount Burnett Observatory, a community run astronomical observatory in the Dandenong Ranges of Victoria near Emerald to the south-east of Melbourne. Originally built by Monash University in the early 1970’s it’s 3 years since a small group of people formed a community association, took over the site and starting resurrecting it as an observatory by and for the people. It’s now three years on and by the end of last year we were the second largest astronomical association in Victoria!

This Saturday (24th January) is our third birthday celebration so we’re having an open day running from 1pm through to 6pm with tours, activities, a solar telescope and components from the Murchison Widefield Array (MWA), one of the precursor telescopes to the massive Square Kilometer Array telescope project!

At 6pm we have a barbecue and then at 7pm there will be a talk by Perry Vlahos on what there will be to see in the sky over the coming month. After that we’ll be socialising and, if the weather behaves itself, viewing the stars through the many observatory telescopes.

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Mount Burnett Observatory Open Day and Third Birthday – Saturday 24th January 2015 News: Thank you all for being awesome!

Thu, 2015-01-22 16:28

Just over a year ago in Perth, we invited you to a party at our place, and we feel as if that is exactly what #lca2015 has been.

You have Been Awesome guests, and it's been a great party.

We had fantastic feedback from our event venues. MOTAT told us that their volunteer enthusiasts who were staffing the exhibits really enjoyed the intelligent conversations that they had with you. The staff at Sweat Shop said that you were all extremely well behaved which was why they were happy to keep the bar open for as long as you wanted.

We couldn't have asked for more from our guests.

We had a great time, and now it's time to relax for a little while. The videos of the presentations and keynotes are now online, and we're uploading the slides as they come in.

Our Thanks To
  • Linux Australia for trusting us with this amazing event
  • Our Speakers, Miniconf Organisers and Keynote / Plenary presenters
  • Linus, Bdale, Andrew and Rusty for the Q&A Session on Friday
  • The delegates for joining us in Auckland for #lca2015
  • The Sponsors for their contributions to
  • AV, Video and Network Team
  • Rego Desk
  • Partners Program Team
  • Room Runners
  • Our Drivers
  • Graphics and design team for our website, logos and associated swag
  • The ghosts of conferences past
  • ...and the team who have spent so much of the last year putting this event together
Some Numbers As part of our closing session we provided some numbers regarding LCA 2015.
  • 0 - Unclaimed badges or bags at rego desk
  • 1 - Virtual session
  • 3 - Official social events for our attendees
  • 8 - Years since Cherie and Steven first attended #lca2007 in Sydney
  • 9 - Participants in our Keynote, Plenary and Q&A Sessions
  • 13 - Miniconfs
  • 89 - Main Program talks / tutorials
  • 470 - Days from being notified that Auckland would host #lca2015 until our closing ceremony
  • 650 - Average number of distinct devices on the conference delegate WiFi network
  • 715 - Days from the #lca2015 BoF held at #lca2013 in Canberra until the close of #lca2015
  • 3113 - Coffees served up by Tuihana Cafe
  • 3GB/s - Typical daily peak data utilisation on the conference WiFi network
To the future

The whole #lca2015 Auckland team wish the best of luck to the #lca2016 Geelong team...

Haere rā

Cherie and Steven Ellis

Andrew McDonnell: – so much all the things!

Wed, 2015-01-21 13:27

Well, I’ve said it before and not followed through, but I am intending to blog about various stuff from last weeks LCA over the next month or two.

One things about LCA of course is how much you learn. Especially when you stand up in front of a room to share something and discover errors in your own understanding! In my own case, I had a talk at the Open Hardware miniconf about some security things related to embedded devices. Literally an hour before I had a ping on twitter alterting me to a factual error in my blog, which was also loudly proclaimed in the talk I was about to deliver. Luckily it was only one slide, and the misunderstanding did not impact the rest of the talk (or for that matter, most of the offending blog article.) So I have updated the original blog article with a correction.

Clinton Roy: clintonroy

Tue, 2015-01-20 19:28

Slowly getting back into the swing of things, walked into work at stupid o’clock in the morning. Spending the afternoon at The Edge. Catching up on a few days of this diary.

Gearing up for the LCA debrief at Humbug, trying to not do it so off-the-cuff this year, organising the notes online in our wiki.

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Clinton Roy: clintonroy

Tue, 2015-01-20 19:28

Waking up in a stupidly muggy Brisbane. Realised how happy I should be at having avoided this weather for a week.

Bussed to work, had to take have a shower when I got into work!

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Clinton Roy: clintonroy

Tue, 2015-01-20 19:28

Windy Wellington!

Breaky and fancy coffee at..the coffee hangar I think? Then trooped back for the free Air New Zealand exhibit at Te Papa.

Headed to the airport quite early as I was completely drained by this point. The temperature and humidity levels back in Brisbane were quite confronting, I got very little sleep this night.

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Clinton Roy: clintonroy

Tue, 2015-01-20 19:28

New Zealand!

Partook in Geeks On A Train today, from Auckland down to Wellington, quite happy with how it all went. Just about all of the photos in my LCA2015 album are taken on the train.

It was nice disconnecting from the conference and technology for a bit. And I have a feeling that the trip will be quite an important one to remember in the future.

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Michael Still: Another lunch time walk

Tue, 2015-01-20 18:28
My arm still hurts, so no gym again. Instead, another lunch time walk although this one was shorter. The skies were dramatic, but no rain unfortunately. I found GC1DEFB during this walk.


Interactive map for this route.

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