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Donna Benjamin: The Great D8 Chook Raffle

Thu, 2015-01-08 20:26
Thursday, January 8, 2015 - 21:06The Drupal Association board approved a new initiative to help get Drupal 8 done.  It's called the D8 Accelerate fund. We also agreed to personally help do fundraising to support the program.  So I'm running a chook raffle.  For those of you who don't know what that is, Wikipedia gives a decent introduction.   The Drupal Association is working with the Drupal 8 branch maintainers to provide Drupal 8 Acceleration Grants. The goal is to fund work that will positively impact the release date. Drupal 8 has had over 2,400 contributors to date, which is more than any release so far. We hope that this initiative will encourage even more people to join the effort to get D8 done.   Please check out our Pozible campaign and make a pledge       

Andrew Pollock: [life] Day 343: Yet another doctor visit and The Workshops Rail Museum

Wed, 2015-01-07 22:25

I started the day with a 7.5 km run, the longest distance I've managed to run lately. I'm slowly clawing my way back to 10 km.

After Sarah dropped Zoe off, I prepared a take away lunch, and we headed over to the doctor for another round of freezing the wart on her hand. She's getting really good about it now. This is one persistent wart though.

I'd made plans with Mel to go to The Workshops Rail Museum with Matthew and his brother and sister. Matthew had wanted to ride in our car, so after the doctor, I swung by Mel's place to pick him up.

We had an uneventful drive out there, and it was lunchtime by the time we arrived, so we had lunch first.

Matthew's older brother brought a friend with him, so we had five kids in total, in three different age brackets, so it was somewhat challenging keeping them all together and interested. Zoe was used to getting to go where she wanted, when she wanted, so had to learn to compromise a bit.

She was dying to get to the Nipper's Railway section and also the dining car play area and do a heap of role playing, so once we finally made it over there, she was in her element. Matthew played well with her as well.

It turned out to be a great day for going, because it was grey and drizzly outside all day.

Matthew wanted to come back to our place for a bit of a play afterwards, so we drove directly home. Both kids fell asleep on the way home, so to stretch their naps out a bit, I swung by the Valley to clear my PO box.

By the time we got home, there was less than an hour before Mel was going to pick up Matthew, and they mostly just watched a bit of TV. I used the down time to prep dinner.

After Matthew left and we had dinner, we went for a walk around the block to pick up some fruit from the Hawthorne Garage and kill some time before bedtime.

It was a nice, if somewhat tiring, day.

Michael Still: A quick walk to William Farrer's grave

Wed, 2015-01-07 20:28
This was a Canberra Bushwalking Club walk lead by John Evans. Not very long, but I would never have found this site without John's leadership, so much appreciated.


Interactive map for this route.

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Clinton Roy: clintonroy

Wed, 2015-01-07 19:28

Walked to work.

Managed to finally start the Learning to Learn course! I’ve now done all the week one videos and quizzes, which I’m quite happy with. Unfortunately the first piece of assessment is due half way through LCA which is going to be..difficult.

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Clinton Roy: clintonroy

Wed, 2015-01-07 11:28


Finally Mitre Ten was open when I was going past, picked up some lumber so I had something to mount the tool rack to.

Caught up with a friend who had spent Christmas and new years down in Melbourne.

Spent most of the night mounting the took rack, it took much longer than it should have. I need to reorganise one of the bookshelves, and start using it as a storage rack I think.

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BlueHackers: BlueHackers at LCA 2015 (Auckland NZ)

Tue, 2015-01-06 12:12

BlueHackers will have a presence at (this year in Auckland NZ, 12-16 Jan 2015), the awesome John Dalton is organising the BoF (Birds-of-a-Feather) session one evening, and he’ll also have a stash the little BlueHackers stickers that you can put on your laptop to show your support and understanding for mental health. Some stickers may also be available at the LCA registration desk.

Have an awesome time there – unfortunately I can’t make it this year.

BlueHackers: Depression Doesn’t Make You Sad All the Time |

Tue, 2015-01-06 11:56
One of the most popular, enduring, and irritating myths about depression is that it means depressed people are sad all the time — and that by extension, people who are happy can’t be experiencing depression, even if they say they are. Read S.E.Smith’s full article:

Tridge on UAVs: Embedded Linux Conference - submit a paper!

Tue, 2015-01-06 11:02

There are only a few days left to submit a paper for the Embedded Linux Conference in San Jose in March. This is the first conference with a Drone specific track organised under

Lorenz Meier and myself will both be presenting at the conference, and it will be a great opportunity for technical discussions within the DroneCode community. I'm really looking forward to meeting other members of the ArduPilot and DroneCode community and hearing about their work.

Call for Papers

The CE Workgroup of the Linux Foundation would like to invite you to make a presentation at our upcoming Embedded Linux Conference.  The conference will be held March 23 - 25 in San Jose, California.  The theme for this year is "Drones, Things and Automobiles", and we're excited to discuss some new areas where embedded Linux is really taking

off! (pun intended)

For general information about the conference, See

For information about the call for participation, see

Please note the guidelines on the CFP page.  It's usually pretty obvious when we're reviewing the abstracts, as a program committee, who has read the guidelines and who hasn't.

ELC is the premier vendor-neutral technical conference for embedded Linux developers. The conference is open to the public.


Presentations should be of a technical nature, covering topics related to use of Linux in embedded systems.  Topics related to consumer electronics are particularly encouraged, but any proposals about Linux that are of general relevance to most embedded developers are welcome.

Presentations that are commercial advertisements or sales pitches are not appropriate for this conference.

Especially encouraged this year are talks in the following areas:

  • Linux in Automotive
  • Drones and Robots
  • Linux in the Internet of Things

And we'd also love to hear your proposals in the following topic areas as well:

  • Audio, Video, Streaming Media, and Graphics
  • Security
  • System size, Boot speed, and Real-Time Performance
  • Flash Memory Devices and Filesystems
  • Build Systems, Embedded Distributions, and Development tools
  • Mobile Phones, DVRs, TVs, Cameras, etc.
  • Practical Experiences and War Stories
  • Standards

Most presentation slots will be 50 minutes long, including time for questions.

Tutorials, demos, and Birds-of-a-Feather sessions may also be proposed.

The deadline for submissions is midnight January 9, 2015 PDT.

To repeat, for additional info and details for making a proposal, see

Clinton Roy: clintonroy

Tue, 2015-01-06 07:28

Walked to and from work.

Got grumpy at Mitre 10 again for closing earlier than their website says.

Metered internet at home, so can’t get much done at all.

Filed under: diary News: Speaker Feature: Florian Forster, Ian Romanick, Jean-Baptiste Kempf

Tue, 2015-01-06 06:28
Florian Forster collectd in dynamic environments

2:15pm Wednesday 14th January 2015

Florian started his first free software project in 2001 and has been active in the open source community ever since. In 2005 he started the collectd project and is still one of the project maintainers. His interests lie mainly with low-level backends and infrastructure services, though he has contributed to various window managers over the years. In his day job, he is a Site Reliability Engineer at Google.

For more information on Florian and his presentation, see here.

You can follow him as @flocto and don’t forget to mention #lca2015.

Ian Romanick Reducing GLSL Compiler Memory Usage (or Fitting 5kg of Potatoes in a 2kg Bag)

11:35am Thursday 15th January 2015

Ian Romanick is the software architect for Intel's open-source OpenGL driver, and is currently Intel’s representative to the Khronos Board. Since 2001 he has been dedicated to OpenGL on Linux. He has been doing graphics programming for 23 years, having released his first Amiga demo in 1991. Ian holds a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science from Portland State University, and is just about finished with a Masters program there. He previoulsy taught graphics programming in the Visual and Game Programming department at the Art Institute of Portland for 7 years.

For more information on Ian and his presentation, see here.

You can follow him as @IanRomanick and don’t forget to mention #lca2015.

Jean-Baptiste Kempf VideoLAN and VLC

2:15pm Thursday 15th January 2015

Jean-Baptiste Kempf is the president of the VideoLAN non-profit organization and one of the lead developers of the open source VLC media player.

Jean-Baptiste is a 31-year old French engineer and has been part of the VideoLAN community since 2005. Since then, Jean-Baptiste has worked or lead most VideoLAN related projects, including VLC for desktop, the relicensing of libVLC, the ports to mobile operating systems, and various multimedia libraries like libdvdcss or libbluray.

Jean-Baptiste has also been working in various video-related startups, and founded VideoLabs, a company focusing on open source multimedia technologies.Jean-Baptiste is the president of the VideoLAN non-profit organization and one of the lead developers of the open source VLC media player.

For more information on Jean-Baptiste and his presentation, see here.

Tim Serong: Useless Gate Memeware

Mon, 2015-01-05 23:28

There are plenty of useless gate images out there in the wild. Many of these are licensed restrictively, or it’s unclear what terms apply, making honourable use in memes problematic. To rectify this situation, I hereby offer the following four images under CC0. Enjoy.

It seems appropriate to link to a Pirate Party Australia press release here too.