Council Meeting July 19, 2023 – Minutes

Council Meeting July 19, 2023 – Minutes

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1. Meeting overview and key information


  • Joel Addison (President)
  • Wil Brown (Vice-President)
  • Neill Cox (Secretary)
  • Sae Ra Germaine  (Council)
  • Marcus Herstik (Council)
  • Russell Stuart (Treasurer)
  • Jonathan Woithe (Council)




Meeting opened at 19:35 AEST by Joel and quorum was achieved.

Minutes taken by Neill Cox


2. Log of correspondence

  • Kathy Reid: Does LA have an official position on the Voice to Parliament?

Council discussed this issue. The consensus was that while representation and inclusion are important to us as an organisation this is not an issue that there seems to be any benefit for the organisation and runs the risk of causing division for no good reason. 


Wil to  communicate with Kathy directly, explaining that we will not be taking an official position.


We will focus on trying to increase participation by indigenous people in our events and community.


  • Russell Coker: Fwd: Membership status?


This was specifically for Yifei, some necessary information was not provided. Joel has asked for the missing details.


  • FOSS4G SoTM Oceania 2023 Sponsorship Opportunity


The invoice has been paid.


3. Items for discussion

  • IWS Subcommittee

No recent activity, so should contact them to see if they are actually going to be active and otherwise disband it. There is a balance of 664.23 in their account. Russel will contact them to discuss. 


Motion: That we disband the IWS subcommittee unless they are about to become active.

Moved: Russell

Seconded: Sae Ra

Carried unanimously.

4. Items for noting

  •  VALA TechCamp

The diversity scholarship went to a male. Which is appropriate as men are underrepresented in the  library sector.


Linux Australia banners will be displayed at the event and they are grateful for the support.


A large number of Everything Open volunteers were also present.


  • EverythingOpen

Joel is talking to both Gladstone and Adelaide about the final details of the bids. Hopefully by next meeting we should be able to vote on the bids.


  • Membership Backlog

Joel has been working through the backlog. 


There have been some duplicates, and also some problems with email bounces. Some applications have been missing required data which means chasing up the applicants.

5. Other business

  • Drupal sub committee update

Venue and date for Sydney in 2024. Contract from the Masonic centre. Nicole has done a site visit. Costs will be a bit higher than previous years. Venue, A/V and catering are all included, but $105K. May increase ticket prices. Sydney is usually the best attended location. Sponsors are also keen and sponsorship amounts can probably be raised. There will be four tracks at the main conference.


Dave will send the contract to Russel and Joel for a check.


Michael (the Drupal South treasurer) had planned to present budgets but has been unwell this week, so Dave will email them later.


There is a single day event linked to the GovCMS event in Canberra in November. The plan is to have a mix of both presentations and workshops.


Discussions ongoing about whether the event will be free or have a nominal ticket charge. Charging may make approval difficult for government attendees, but charging may make people more likely to turn up. Possibly actually having a cost might make it easier for some agencies to send people?


  • Admin team update

Working through email setup with FastMail. Steve now has a reseller account. Investigating the possibility of moving the mailing lists behind FastMail’s filter.


A budget is being prepared, but there are no new big ticket items expected.


Fairfax are still blocking the domain.


Steve will not be available for the next meeting.


  • Joomla sub committee update

Little to report. The July meeting had to be postponed, due to other commitments of the committee.


Joomla 5 is coming out later in the year, so hopefully the August meeting will focus on that.


Meetup groups have been combined, so meetup is the best place for people to seek information on Joomla.


The Joomla committee should be able to come back to council with paperwork in time for the next meeting.


  • PyCon AU sub committee update

Richard is unable to attend tonight’s meeting but has provided the following update:


– Ticket sales are sluggish but enough to get us to a break-even.

– Currently in the red by ~60k. If we sell ~70 professional and ~40 enthusiast in the next month, we should be in the black. Assuming ticket sales continue to be linear, that seems achievable.


No substantive changes have been made to the budget or planning at this point, everything is on track.


  • Flounder sub committee update

No update. Neill will contact Russell directly.


  • LUV 

No update. Neill will contact LUV.


  • WordPress sub committee

No movement recently. Probably no updates for a while. Waiting on quotes from venues.

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