Council Meeting 31st March 2021 – Minutes

Council Meeting 31st March 2021 – Minutes

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1. Meeting overview and key information


  • Sae Ra Germaine (President)
  • Joel Addison (Vice President)
  • Clinton Roy (Secretary)
  • Jonathan Woite (Council)
  • Neil Cox (Council)
  • Russell Stuart (Treasurer)
  • Russell Coker (Council)


Meeting opened at 19:31 AEDT by Sae Ra and quorum was achieved.

Minutes taken by Clinton Roy

2. Log of correspondence

From: Steven Gomesis

Subject: Introduction to your Zoom Account Executive

From: Russell Coker

Subject: Big Blue Button

Sae Ra asks for more details. Is essentially asking for Linux Australia to fund the video conferencing fees if their financial backer can’t continue.

Sae Ra details that it is either a line item in the budget, or a grant request. Requests that Russell C puts in a grant request for an entire year. Sae Ra request someone else put their name to the grant request so it doesn’t look like nepotism.

3. Items for discussion

  • [SRG] Amendment to the previous week’s minutes

Both motions passed, but with one abstention each.

4. Items for noting

  • Joel and Sae Ra to go over the final draft of mail to the Canberra bid and the call for 2021

5. Other business

  • Russell Stuart: Drupal would like a 5k advance.

Russell Stuart moves a motion to advance Drupal South up to $5k to pay for the event organiser.

Seconded by Sae Ra.

Passed unanimously.

Clinton notes that he’s transferred the Google Cloud costs to Sae Ra’s LA credit card. Once the first payment goes to Sae Ra’s card, Clinton can wrap his refunds. Joel updates that the cloud stuff should be turned off over easter.

ACTION ITEM: Sae Ra to reach out to auda over the domain.

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