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Help! My Spam Filter is Eating My Real Email!

No-one has produced a perfect filter to differentiate spam from "ham", so while your spam filter is stopping most of your spam, it's also stopping some of the email that you actually want to receive. Worse, as spam volumes continue to grow - and spam filters therefore become more aggressive - the amount of legitimate email that is being lost is on the rise.

BoxSentry's pioneering approach to reducing this problem it to focus primarily on identifying legitimate senders and authenticating messages that claim to be from these senders, largely through analysing users' communication patterns and behaviour. To date, our approach has only been available as an email security appliance, sized and priced for medium to large enterprises and service providers. We are now making available open-source tools - and the integration into several widely used email-servers, email-clients and email security tools - to allow individuals and small organisations to take advantage of this same approach.

This talk will:

  • explain the problem, including detailed examples of where anti-spam systems can't help but make mistakes
  • explain BoxSentry's approach
  • briefly introduce the open-source components and tools that we are making available to allow anyone (well, anyone who uses email or maintains open-source email software) to use our approach.

Roland Turner

Raz is a roaming Aussie, currently based in Singapore. He has been a FL/OSS advocate since the late '80s and an email admin in various volunteer and professional capacities since the early '90s. In addition to co-founding the UTS Programmers' Society and the Sydney chapter of the Australian Public-Access Network Association, he is most proud of both having originally proposed licensing the Mozilla source tree under the Gnu GPL (i.e. in additional to the MPL) and then convincing several Netscape employees that it was worth doing.

He is currently working as Product Manager for BoxSentry, an innovative Singapore-based company where he is leading the design and deployment effect for their flagship product, RealMail. He is thrilled to finally be releasing as FL/OSS something that he's produced for his day job.

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