2006 2006 is over, come again next year!

Welcome is Australia's national Linux conference. 2006 will be held in Dunedin, New Zealand from the 23rd - 28th January 2006 at the University of Otago.

This is the seventh exciting year of The first was called CALU, and was held in Melbourne in 1999. Every year the conference gets bigger and more popular, attracting many high profile speakers and well known Linux and Open Source Developers.

The previous was held at the Australian National University in Canberra. You can find details of the conference here.

LCA is one of three major, international, grass-roots open-source conferences world wide. The other two are the Ottawa Linux Symposium (OLS) and Linux Kongress.

The main focus of the conference are keynotes, seminars and tutorials by Linux and open source developers and users. There are also many other activities planned to cater for various levels of experience and diverse areas of interest. Many people attend the conference not only for the technical side of it but also for the opportunity to meet in person with like minded members of a normally geographically dispersed community.

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