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MythTV: DebuggingDtv

Debugging DTV

Presenter: Steven Ellis

As the global market moves away from analogue broadcasts, just how well does Linux support Digital TV? A number of larger markets already have deadlines or windows for the switch to digital TV.

    UK - In progress
    US - Feb 2009
    AU - estimated 2012
    NZ - between 2012 and 2015

Aside from PVR environments like Freevo and MythTV you might want to watch TV on your Linux laptop whilst on the road, or just ad-hoc use at home. Here is a chance to pick up some tips and tricks to make your DTV device work under Linux. We will look at

I want to encourage attendees to bring along their devices regardless of region. Whilst USB devices will be easiest to test I'd like to have some hardware present that can handle PCI and PCIe devices.

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