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MobileDevices: FunambolAndSyncml

Thanks to those who attended. This was my first presentation that I've delivered to such an audience, yet alone my first appearance at We started a bit early so a few folks walked in half way, sorry for that. I missed quite a bit of info I had placed in notes as well, so you can get the slides+presenter notes at

As mentioned in the presentation there are various places you can find out more:


The Funambol open source project, supported commercially (under dual-license) by Funambol Inc., provides an open source SyncML server which can be used with clients such as mobile phones. The core component, the device sync server acts as a conduit between SyncML clients and pluggable modules such as Microsoft Exchange, SugarCRM, OpenXchange and popular email services, to name a few. The 'community edition' distribution provides an open source sync solution comparable to Apple's 'MobileMe' and RIM's Blackberry suite. (Funambol likes to call it MobileWe).

This presentation will provide an introduction to the Funambol stack focused around the Funambol sync server, the opportunities to plug in modules and typical use cases.

More information can be found at Funambol Inc, and the Funambol Open Source forge,

-- Mathew McBride, when not worrying about his education has spent some of his free time developing modules for Funambol, for fun and profit. He maintains a distribution of Funambol at specifically targeted towards users of the Citadel, eGroupware and OpenGroupware Groupware suites.

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