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Baglady 2.0 is a performance with a customised electronic performance tool, a bag with an antenna and an embedded board, programmed for live wireless broadcasting sound, digital images [video] and text.

this is a work in progress and so far in australia i cant get it to getonto any networks ... mabye this informal demo someone can give me some tips. Thank you to: Marko Madunic for technical and programming support./ Roland Jankowski hardware advice etc.

hardware: 1x Alix3c3 mini euro-card format with Audio, VGA and Award-BIOS [super expandable] 500 MHz Processor 1x wireless card 1x mini pigtail for external antenna 1x Battery Power 12 V. 1x 8 Gb Cf card 1x USB webcam Logitech CamPro 9000 is 1600x1200 ( HD-TV) 1x 4 port mini-min USB hub 1x numeric keypad 1x External battery power for 12 v 800ma and recharger. 1x Black Purse.

Software: LFS linux from scratch KNOPPIX kernel audio streaming darkice as client encoding ogg vorbis Webcam UVC video module

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