Recent Changes -


There has been some change to the schedule for the Security Mini-Conf. Unfortunately these changes were not know prior to the publication of the program. The current schedule is:

09:0009:30Casey SchauflerIntro and Housekeeping
09:3010:20Casey SchauflerRootless Reality
10:2010:40Morning Tea 
10:4011:30Z. Cliffe SchreudersFBAC-LSM
11:4012:30KaiGai KoheiLAPP/SELinux
13:5014:40Kentaro TakedaTOMOYO Linux
14:5015:40Russell CokerSELinux in Lenny
15:4016:00Afternoon Tea 
16:0016:50Panel of ExpertsThe Great Debate
17:0017:50Key Exchange ExtravaganzaEveryone Welcome
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