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We enjoy the benefits of using Open Source tools and technologies for home and work. But for many of us telephony services like Voice over IP remain a dark unconquered space.

In this tutorial, I will take you through the installation of one of the more popular Asterisk distributions (Elastix), including the configuration of various types of telephony hardware including PSTN and ISDN adapters. We will also configure and provision various IP telephones (models to be determined later) as well as configuring softphones on the major desktop operating systems. As most ISPs now include IP telephony services in many of their deals, we will look at setting up a connection between Asterisk and your ISP's VOIP system.

I will also discuss dialplans and configuring what used to be expensive telephony solutions, such as Interactive Voice Responses (IVRs), queues, voicemail (including locator services) and other features of Asterisk.


Attendees should have a laptop capable of running a virtual machine (booting from ISO/CD). CDs will be provided, as well as access to an ISO on the network.


You might want to download the latest ISO of either Elastix or Trixbox CE (Community Edition). I'm hoping to show off both during the tutorial, and you can use either.

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