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My name is Tom (obviously). My job title is 'Computer Assisted Assessment Developer' for the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand.

But what I actually do at work can basically be lumped into web/database-development-y stuff and linux systems administration-y type stuff. The technologies that we're playing with at work these days include Python, Django, Xen, Puppet, Mercurial, MySQL and PostgresQL running a bunch of different services all on a smattering of Debian servers.

I have:

  • a facebook existence here
  • a flickr photostream here
  • a silly blog-type thing over here
  • A cellphone that responds to +64 21 449 344
  • and an email address that rhymes with

Vaguely recent mugshots (although I'm currently cleanish-shaven):

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