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Sightseeing With Other LCAers

A lot of the places to see in Tasmania (as discussed at WhatToSeeAroundTasmania) will either need a hire car or a tour bus. This page could be used to match people up to share a trip somewhere either before or after the conference.

Gregory Orange - I'd be happy to go anywhere scenic, perhaps a bit of bush- or path-walking. Any time after the end of the conference, until my flight leaves 18:15 Tuesday Jan 27th.

Claudine Chionh - I'd be interested in tagging along for a drive (maybe with some light bushwalking) on Saturday 24 or Sunday 25 Jan.

Zane Gilmore - I would like to go and see a Tasmanian Devil on Saturday sometime. I believe that there is a place approx half an hour away called Bonorong Wildlife park where they have some. Maybe someone to share a rental car.

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