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Contact Details

  • Prefered Email: paul at mawsonlakes dot org
  • Work Email: (will get read at some stage)
  • Mb: 0424 370 891
  • GPG: FE070E0F
  • IRC: pschulz01 in #ubuntu-au-chat

BOF's of interest

Topics of interest to me

  • System Administration - Particularly anything that makes my job easier.
  • Kernel and hardware - Anything to do with storage, performance and performance of storage devices. Oh.. and their virtualisation. Anyone how of any passthrough PCI solutions. Oh and also SSD's
  • Embedded Devices

Topics that don't interest me

  • Emacs vs. Vi discussions (been there done that, let's move on)
  • PostgreSQL vs. MySQL (sorry, clearly PostgreSQL is better)

My Expertese

  • Long time Linux user (bash, perl, emacs)
  • Ubuntu member
  • Many times LCA attendee
  • Linux advocate
  • Linux Australia Council Member, 2008

Look me up, and let's have a chat.

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