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Infectious illnesses

If you catch something highly transmissible (eg, gastrointestinal illnesses) during the conference, please do not attend the conference that day and give the organisers a heads up. has had major problems with outbreaks of gastrointestinal problems before.


For emergencies requiring immediate medical attention or for a crime in progress or similar (not trivial stuff), you can contact fire, police and ambulance operators as follows:

I need an ambulance

Ambulance service in Tasmania is free. Call 000.

Non-emergency medical care

If you find yourself in need of some medical attention while you're in Hobart there are lots of options around Sandy Bay and Hobart generally.

I need to see a general practitioner (primary care doctor)

The Uni Doctors are located on campus in the University Union building: Phone (03) 6226 2102

City Doctors are affiliated with Uni Doctors, are usually OK to turn up without an appointment, and located (oddly enough) in the city, 93 Collins St: (03) 6231 3003

If you can't get into either is a list of many other general practitioners; look for the ones in Sandy Bay and the city. Note not all GPs are interested in taking new patients.

It's after hours and I need to see a GP

The After Hours Doctor is an emergency clinic located at 252 Main Road, Derwent Park, not far from Hobart (about 15 minutes in a cab), open only on weeknights, weekends and public holidays. You can rock up without an appointment, but you can call them on (03) 6274 4250.

I need to go to hospital

The nearest public hospital is the Royal Hobart Hospital at 48 Liverpool St in Hobart (03) 6222 8308 (switchboard)

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