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Linux on the Moon BoF! AKA Lunar Numbat

Always wanted to work on a Space Mission? Here's your chance! Our aim is to put a Linux powered Robotic Australian Marsupial on the Moon (the Lunar Numbat), to win the Google Lunar X-Prize and for Scientific Research.

- Overview of what the Google Lunar X-Prize is - Who is the GLXP team that we'll be partnering with? - What needs to be done by us to make this GLXP attempt successful? - Why we should make the effort to do this?

- From 5pm on Friday the 23rd following the lightning talks in Social Science 211.

Short Introduction by Marco covering:

  • What is the Google Lunar X-Prize?
  • Which team would we be working with & why?
  • What are we requested to do initially?
  • What might we be requested to do later?
  • Who's paying for all of this?

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