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I am presenting at the Linuxchix and Free as in Freedom Miniconfs.

Arriving Saturday 17 Jan, departing Monday 26 Jan, staying in Glebe.

If anyone plans to hire a car and take a drive on Saturday 24 or Sunday 25 Jan, would they mind if I tag along? I can't drive but can run errands and help with navigation.

Contact: or +61 418 592 269

Monday: Linuxchix miniconf

Tuesday: Free as in freedom miniconf


  • Use the Fork Luke!
  • PHP Architecture, Scalability, and Security
  • Genderchangers Academy
  • Crikey!


  • Reworking the LAMP
  • 7 Things lawyers don't understand about software
  • and ODF
  • Tricks of the trade


  • Collaborative video for Wikipedia
  • PJF double feature?
  • Champagne usability on a beer budget
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