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What is a BoF?

A Birds of a Feather (BoF) session is an informal gathering of like-minded people at a conference. Most, but not all, will be on a technical subject. BoFs can be organised by any conference attendee. They are usually structured in one of three ways:

  1. a group of people meeting at a specified time and simply meeting each other and chatting
  2. a group of people taking part in an organised activity (say dancing, or board games)
  3. a tutorial-like environment in which one or two people demonstrate or teach a topic of interest

How to organise a BoF

If you are not sure of interest, raise the subject on the conference chat list. Once you have a group of attendees, you should:

  1. choose a firm time for your BoF. Yes, some people won't be able to make it. Trying to please everyone will end in no BoF.
  2. advertise your BoF here and on the chat list.

How to sign up for a BoF

Leave your name on a BoF wiki page below or contact the organiser directly. Please leave a way for them to get in touch with you!

BoF schedule

Firmly scheduled BoFs are listed in this session (organisers, please list name of BoF, day, time, location and ideally a contact point)

BoF room bookings:

211? | 212? ??? - don't know actual rooms This is just a proposal for a way to do it similar to uni accom.


No time specified

TopicProposed day and time?ContactNotes
Esperanto BOF--Should get a lot more people this time seeing as TAS seems to be Esperanto capital of Oz!
Amateur Radio--For hams who would like to catch up either during or before/after LCA
Diving--For those keen to explore under the water. This is not for beginners though.
UbuntuLoCo--Proposed informal get together of Aus Ubuntu LoCo Team
Open Street Map-PaulSchulzA get-together for people interested in OpenStreetMap and mapping in general.
Accounting Software BOF-AnthonyTownsThe perpetual bit of proprietary/non-Linux software to get rid of
BlueHackers?-ArjenLentzFor those who are, who have family or friends, dealing with depression and related stuffs (


TopicProposed day and time?ContactNotes
Wikimedia BOFMonday 7pm-late-For Wikimedia editors and fans. Dinner + chat


TopicProposed day and time?ContactNotes
Go BOFTuesday lunchtimeHoratio DavisThis time Horatio Davis will actually attend the conference, and he will bring some boards and stones for playing the ancient oriental game of go. Not really that Linux-related, ever since GNU Go went mainstream, but it seemed to work alright last year...
OpenAustralia BoFTuesday 5:10pmMatthewLandauerFor those interested in civic/political transparency hacking and getting involved with OpenAustralia
Gaming BOFTuesday 6:00pmJonManningFor gamers, game developers, and people who may have heard of 'games.'
OCAU BoFTuesday 6:30pmPeter LyleFor members of Overclockers Australia


TopicProposed day and time?ContactNotes
High Performance Linux BoFWednesday lunchtimeAnthony DavidFollowing on the success of LCA 08 BoF, let's do it again. Please bring your burning issues and wise insights. For example, would you like to see a High Performance Linux miniconf in 2010?


TopicProposed day and time?ContactNotes
Startup BOFThursday lunchtime, 12:30 - 1:50, Social Science 206AnthonyTownsFor people interested in starting Linux/FOSS businesses
Libre GraphicsThursday afternoonDonna BenjaminLibre Graphics get together...?
PuppetDevdas Bhagat1600, Social Sciences 208 
XMonad BOFThursday 18:00Jeremy ApthorpLearn to use, hack and chat about XMonad
Perl BOFThursday 6pm, meet at fountainJacinta RichardsonCome hang out with other Perl programmers and perhaps talk about how we can kick-start Hobart PerlMongers.


TopicProposed day and time?ContactNotes
Debian BOFFriday 12:30pmHarshulaMeet and Greet - all Debian Developers and users are welcome to attend
Christian BOFFriday 12:30pmGrant PetchOpen group for Christian people associated with the ICT & Open Source Industry, please bring your lunch and meet near the fountain feature out the front of Lazenby's Cafe..
Drupal BOFFriday 1:50pmCafuegoWhat do you do with Drupal? What do you want to do with it? Themes, modules, worksflows.
OLPC BOFFriday at 5pm (original BOF time) in MultiroomPia WaughFor hacking, demos, and discussions around community development around OLPC in Australia. Check out to get started.
Linux on the Moon BOFFriday 5:00 pm after a lightning talkMarcoOstiniThis is a call to all interested in Space Science. A Google Lunar X-Prize team wants to put a Linux powered robotic Australian Marsupial on the Moon. Here's your chance to be part of it!
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