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Yes, yes, not strictly the web. If you're an IRC user join other conference attendees in on



A Planet site showing weblog entries by 2009 attendees is available here Add your blog feed (RSS/Atom) in your registration form: entries only. If you didn't get it into your rego form, email

By tag

If you are blogging about the conference and your software supports tags, please use both lca2009 and as tags for your entry. Technorati will track these at:


If you are adding conference photos to Flickr, tag them as both lca2009 and (so that they are found both under this specific year and with those from other years):

Photos of the mascot (the stuffed toy) should also be tagged tuz and will appear at tuz photos

If you have photos elsewhere, post them at Conference photos


Youtube and other video feeds.


If you are microblogging about the conference, please use the tag #lca in your entry. Microblog entries can be found at:

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