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It was suggested on lca09_chat that radio amateurs might want to catch up for a chat.

For those staying longer there is also the local club REAST which people might like to visit.

Regular events which should be running at the time of the conference are:

So if anyone would like to visit the club, leave your name with an indication of when you'd be available to do it. There's no reason why we couldn't open up on the Saturday or Sunday before or Sunday after especially for some visitors.

It might also be possible for us to meet up at a pub/cafe for lunch or dinner during the conf if people are not able to make it to a REAST event. If we are lucky, we can get both in!

If not, just put your name and we can keep an eye out for each other during the conference. ;)

PLANNED MEETUP - Tuesday 20th for lunch. At the start of the lunch session meet at the corner of Lazenbys, just outside the door down the stairs from the registration desk.

  • Thomas Karpiniec / arctanx / VK7NML. I'm local, available on both sides of the conference and a REAST member so I can organise things there
  • Karl Goetz / Kamping_Kaiser / VK5FOSS. I'll be in tas from late 16th of Jan. until early 27th, so i'm happy to visit reast any time between then.
  • Julien Goodwin / laptop006 / VK3FABR. Callsign being re-assigned due to standard level upgrade.
  • Kim Hawtin / adhoc / VK5FNET. I'll be in town the Saturday or Sunday before the conference or during the week.
  • Ben Mullett / Flymo /G6BCT. I'll be around for a bit on the Sunday after the conference.
  • Andrew Perkins / / VK7KAP. I'll be around Sunday afternoon to Friday night. Have to see if 2M HH still works!
  • Neale Banks / / Ex-VK3XJH. Around from Sunday till Saturday morning.
  • Bdale Garbee / bdale / KB0G. Staying until Sunday morning, my talk on Fri pm will include a wee bit of ham radio content.
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