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Adam Harvey

Contact Details

  • E-mail: (or, realistically, any other address
  • IRC: LawnGnome on
  • Conference Accommodation: Apartment 18, Room 6
  • Conference Phone: x6527
  • Mobile Phone: 0408 923 075 (the +61 is implied)
  • Increasingly Infrequently Updated Blog:

Random Details

  • I won't be representing anyone other than myself at LCA, since I'll be between jobs. In this case, that's not a euphemism; I simply finish at iiNet on January 16 and don't start at Stochastic Simulation until February 23.
  • I'm not speaking, but there's every chance I'll do a lightning talk on something. Or a lightning video.
  • I'm mainly a P-based scripting language programmer/Web developer (PHP, Perl, Python, et cetera). If you want to start a conversation, that's not a bad place to start. If you want to start a rant, choose Perl as your starting point.
  • I'm extremely friendly (particularly after a couple of beers in a common room), but prone to forgetting people's names/faces. Please come and jog my memory if you already know me and I don't instantly recognise you. :) If you don't know me, come and say hi!

On the off chance anyone needs to find me and doesn't know what I look like:

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